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Mahmud Shah Bahadur

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Bidar Bhakt Mahmud Bahadur Jahan Shah IV was the Mughal Emperor for a brief period in 1788 after Shah Alam II was deposed by the Ghulam Qadir.

Muhammad Shah Bahadur
Bidar Bhakt Mahmud Bahadur Jahan Shah IV
Mughal Emperor
Mughal Emperor
Reign 1788
Predecessor Shah Alam II
Successor Shah Alam II
Born 1749[citation needed]
Red Fort, Mughal Empire
(now in India)[citation needed]
Died 1790
Shahjahanabad, Delhi, Mughal Empire[citation needed]
Burial Old Delhi, Mughal Empire
Issue 2 daughters
Father Ahmad Shah Bahadur[1]

Mahmud Shah Bahadur was the son of a former Mughal Emperor, Ahmad Shah Bahadur.[1] He himself became emperor for a brief period in 1788 as a puppet of Ghulam Qadir,[2] after Shah Alam II had been deposed and blinded.[3] He was allegedly put to death in 1790 by order of Shah Alam II, supposedly for usurping his authority in 1788. He left behind two daughters.[citation needed]


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Mahmud Shah Bahadur
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Shah Alam II
Emperor of Mughal Empire
Succeeded by
Shah Alam II