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Jagz Nation Vol. 2: Royal Niger Company

Jagz Nation Vol. 2: Royal Niger Company is the third studio album by Nigerian rapper and record producer Jesse Jagz. It was released by Jagz Nation on March 28, 2014. As the executive producer of his third studio project, Jagz enlisted Shady, Dugod, Ibro and Phazehop to assist with production. The album consists of samples ranging from Rufus & Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" to excerpts from movies such as Network (1976), Scarface (1983) and Johnny Mad Dog (2008). The album features guest appearances and recording samples from Fela Kuti, Tupac, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Tesh Carter, Jumar, Dugod, Sarah Mitaru, Rexx and Show Dem Camp.[2][3]

Jagz Nation Vol. 2: Royal Niger Company
Jagz Nation Vol. 2 cover.jpg
Studio album by Jesse Jagz
Released March 28, 2014 (2014-03-28)[1]
Recorded 2013-2014
Genre Hip hop
Length 65:00
Label Jagz Nation
  • Jesse Garba Abaga (exec.)
  • Shedrach "Shady Bizniz" Ishaya
  • Chidozie "Dugod" Ezeogu
  • Ibrahim "Ibro" Pashi
  • Bolaji "Phazehop" Williams
Jesse Jagz chronology
Jagz Nation, Vol.1. Thy Nation Come
(2013)Jagz Nation, Vol.1. Thy Nation Come2013
Jagz Nation Vol. 2: Royal Niger Company
Singles from Jagz Nation Vol. 2: Royal Niger Company
  1. "The Search (Radio)"
    Released: May 15, 2014


Background, release and launch concertEdit

Jagz started creating the album by recording a mixture of ideas for two months. After the two-month period, his team sifted through the music and selected the album's final track listing. Jagz chose the album's title to sensitize people about their history. Jagz said he made the album for his core fans. He describes the album as two steps above Jagz Nation, Vol.1. Thy Nation Come. Jagz said he wanted to stay away from reggae influential sounds because of sentimental reasons. He hopes people find healing from the album, and wants people who are hurting to find comfort in it.[4] On 17 March 2014, the album's cover art was released to the general public. Inspired by René Magritte, it is symbolic of a man standing with a fruit and apple blocking his face. The concept behind Magritte's work revolves around revealing one thing and hiding something else. The man in the cover art is holding different things that symbolizes the culture of Nigeria.[4] Jagz Nation Vol. 2: Royal Niger Company was initially meant be a mixtape and was initially titled The Transfiguration of Jesse Jagz.[1][5][6] On 28 March 2014, Jagz made the album available for digital streaming on SoundCloud.[3] On August 2, 2014, Jagz held the second edition of The Jesse Jagz Experience Concert at the AGIP Recital Hall. Jagz tagged the concert as "The Greatest Concert" and performed alongside a 16-man hip-hop orchestra band.[7]


Jagz's third studio offering starts with "Louis", a song inspired by American boxer Joe Louis. Over the song's instrumental, Jagz raps about one finding their inner strength. The song is a mixture of rap and Rastafarian styles. On "Jargo (Ain't Nobody)", Jagz samples "Ain't Nobody" and raps about the dynamics of a complex relationship. Jagz also samples a popular riff from Fela Kuti on "Sunshine". The lyrics of the song contain "Loopy Bars", a J-Town style of rap. On "The Search (Radio)", Jagz blends hip hop and jazz sounds together. "Supply And Demand" is a throwback song with a New York pounding flow that is reminiscent of 1995 and the East Coast circa. On "Sunrise (Shine On)", Jagz samples a dialogue from the 1983 crime drama film Scarface. On "How We Do", a song with a menacing beat, Jagz samples spoken words from Tupac.[8][9]


On May 15, 2015, Jagz Nation released the album's lead single, "The Search (Radio)", featuring Jumar and Dugod. The music video for the single was directed by J.O King. It was uploaded onto YouTube at a total length of 5 minutes and 31 seconds.[10]

Critical receptionEdit

Professional ratings
Review scores
Nigerian Entertainment Today     [8]
Lobatan     [11]

Upon its release, Jagz Nation Vol. 2: Royal Niger Company received positive reviews from music critics. Ayomide Tayo of Nigerian Entertainment Today gave the album 4 out of 5 stars, stating: "The Royal Niger Company is a rap album that doesn't seek the approval of radio or Alaba. Royal Niger Company is an album for rap fans to chill and relax to, and it is a project that makes us truly wonder if Jesse Jagz isn’t truly the greatest."[8] Brandon Bridges of Lobatan gave the album 4 out of 5 stars, stating: "The album plays by no rules and subjects to no compromise which may be intended for public acceptance, thereby making room for mediocrity. The general theme of ‘The Royal Niger Company’ Is not a newly applied road of thought. Jagz Nation Vol.2 is a magnificent show off, a mere statement, that Jesse Jagz is not a student of the game, but the author of the textbooks."[11]

Track listingEdit

1."Louis"Jesse Garba Abaga6:44
2."Jargo (Ain't Nobody)" (featuring Tesh Carter and Chaka Khan)
  • Jesse Garba Abaga
  • Tesh Carter
3."Oceans And Lakes" (featuring Sarah Mitaru and Dugod)
  • Jesse Garba Abaga
  • Sarah Mitaru
  • Chidozie Ezeogu
4."Sunshine" (featuring Fela Kuti)Jesse Garba Abaga5:44
5."The Search (Radio)" (featuring Jumar and Dugod)
  • Jesse Garba Abaga
  • Chidozie Ezeogu
  • Jumar
6."Supply And Demand"Jesse Garba Abaga6:35
7."High-Life" (featuring Rexx)
  • Jesse Garba Abaga
  • Rexx
8."Sunrise (Shine On)"Jesse Garba Abaga6:43
9."The Case" (featuring Show Dem Camp)
  • Jesse Garba Abaga
  • Show Dem Camp
10."The Window" (featuring Jumar)
  • Jesse Garba Abaga
  • Jumar
11."How We Do" (featuring Tupac)Jesse Garba Abaga5:46
  • "Louis" samples a rant from Howard Beale, a fictional character from the movie Network
  • "Jargo (Ain't Nobody)" samples "Ain't Nobody" performed by Rufus and Chaka Khan; it also samples excerpts from the film Johnny Mad Dog (2008)
  • "Sunshine" samples spoken words by Fela Kuti
  • "How We Do" samples spoken words by Tupac Shakur
  • "Sunrise (Shine On)" samples a dialogue from the film Scarface (1983)


  • Jesse Garba Abaga - Executive producer, writer, composer
  • Shadrach "Shady Bizniz" Ishaya - Producer
  • Chidozie "Dugod" Ezeogu - Producer, featured artist
  • Tesh Carter - Featured artist
  • Sarah Mitaru - Featured artist
  • Jumar - Featured artist
  • Rex - Featured artist
  • Show Dem Camp - Featured artists
  • Ibrahim "Ibro" Pashi - Producer, mixing, mastering
  • Bolaji "Phazehop" Williams - Producer, mixing, mastering
  • J Barz - Producer
  • Wilfred Crackaz Peter Bass Guitar - Live instruments
  • Progress Hopeman Guitarist - Live instruments
  • Adu Edu Bassey - Live instruments
  • House of Zoe Africa - Management, visual production, covert art
  • Ogbannaya "Signor Chuksy" Chukwudi - Art director, Graphic Design, Photography
  • iola Creative - Styling
  • Damimola Alabi - Cover Art Model

Release historyEdit

Country/Digital platform Date Version Format Label
  • SoundCloud
March 28, 2014 Standard Jagz Nation


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