Jacob More

Self-portrait, 1783, Uffizi
The Falls of Clyde (Corra Linn)

Jacob More (1740–1793) was a Scottish landscape painter.


Jacob More was born in 1740 in Edinburgh. He studied landscape and decorative painting with James Norie's firm. He took the paintings of Gaspard Dughet and Claude Lorrain as his models.

By 1773 More had settled in Italy, and spent the rest of his life there; but he exhibited Italian landscapes at the Royal Academy in London in the 1780s.

In 1787 he was visited by Goethe, who considered his work 'admirably thought out'.

In 1791 he moved to Rome. In Italy he rivalled Jacob Philipp Hackert; and he befriended Allan Ramsay (1713-1784). In Rome he enjoyed a high reputation, and was commissioned to design a garden for the Villa Borghese in the Scottish landscape style.

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Further readingEdit

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