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Joseph Tom, better known by his stage name JT the Bigga Figga (also known as Figg Panamera), is an American rapper, YouTuber, record producer, film producer and record executive from the Fillmore neighborhood of San Francisco, California.[1] He has produced music on over one hundred albums, for artists including Daz Dillinger, Master P, The Game, San Quinn, and Messy Marv.[2]

JT the Bigga Figga
Birth nameJoseph Tom
Also known asFigg Panamera
Born (1973-11-08) November 8, 1973 (age 47)
San Francisco, California, U.S.
GenresHip hop
  • Rapper
  • record producer
  • record executive
  • film director
  • writer
Years active1991–present
LabelsGet Low Recordz, Doggystyle, SMC
Associated acts
WebsiteJT the Bigga Figga on Myspace

Music careerEdit

In 1991, JT founded the independent record label Get Low Recordz.[1][3] What started as a basement enterprise and a one-man operation, would later become one of the most successful independent labels in the country.[4]

JT's rap debut came in 1992 with the self-released album Don't Stop til We Major at the age of 18. The next year he followed it up with Playaz N the Game.[4] The album's first single, "Game Recognize Game" received significant airplay, thrusting JT into the spotlight. The success of his album led to a bidding war among record labels, and he eventually signed with Priority Records in 1995.[1][4][5] Subsequent albums released through Priority Records were unsuccessful, however, and in 1996 the label elected to release JT from his contract.[4]

After the dissolution of his contract with Priority Records, JT went back to self-distributing his albums through Get Low Recordz. With the money from his deal with Priority, JT invested in a new state of the art recording studio and began rapidly producing and releasing numerous albums. In 2000, after signing a modest distribution deal with Bayside Records, Get Low began expanding, releasing nearly 20 albums a year.[4]

In 2002, JT published an E-Book called The CEO Manual.[6]

JT is credited with discovering rapper The Game, and releasing his first two albums Untold Story and QB 2 Compton before The Game signed with Dr. Dre and debuted as a member of the Aftermath Entertainment camp.[7]

In fall of 2005, JT was named A&R for the West Coast operations of the Houston, Texas-based Rap-A-Lot Records.[8]

JT the Bigga Figga's film credits include the Spike Lee movie Sucker Free City (2004),[9][10] and SKUZZ TV (2007),[11] a reality based documentary DVD released by 3MZ productions.

In 2006, JT worked with Snoop Dogg on a documentary DVD entitled Mandatory Business, which featured such names as Russell Simmons, Spike Lee, Xzibit, Young Buck and 50 Cent.[12]

As of 2015, JT founded the Netflix-like on-demand service Trapflix, which showcases urban films, documentaries, concert footage, and music. JT has heavily been involved in filming and directing, releasing over 40 films and documentaries since 2000. JT is now spreading his independent knowledge and the concept of Pan-Africanism in Burkina Faso, and posts daily on his YouTube channel, Trapflix TV. He founded the label “Fillmoelanta". He is also one of the most recognized marketing/promotion talents in hip-hop and has served many high-profile clients such as Rich Gang, G-Unit, Snoop Dogg, and many more. He has also released a series of collaboration tapes with Gucci Mane.


Solo albums
Collaboration albums
  • 2012: Conflict Of Interest
  • 2012: Fillmoelanta 2
  • 2012: Kill The Burglar
  • 2013: Bonkers
  • 2013: Don't Stop Til We Major
  • 2013: My Runner
  • 2013: Run Ya Bandz Up (with Future & Young Scooter)

Guest appearancesEdit

Year Song Artist(s) Album
1994 "Playaz and Hustlaz"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga, San Quinn & Master P)
Lil Ric Deep n tha Game
"Bad Boys"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
Dru Down Explicit Game
"I Got Cha Back"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & Fly)
Rappin' 4-Tay Don't Fight the Feelin'
1996 "A Poor Man's Dream"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & San Quinn)
Messy Marv Messy Situationz
(featuring JT The Bigga Figga, Dangerous Dame & Coolio Da Unda Dogg)
Mac Dre The Rompilation
"Hitz I'm Makin"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
San Quinn The Hustle Continues
"The Hustle Continues"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
"Shock the Party"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
"Mob Style Musik"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
1997 "4 tha Bizzness"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
Lunasicc Mr. Lunasicc
"Trying to Get Mine"
(featuring Master P & JT the Bigga Figga)
Steady Mobb'n Pre-Meditated Drama
"Scrilla, Scratch, Paper"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & Cougnut)
Luniz Bootlegs & G-Sides
1998 "Can We All Ball"
(featuring Killa Tay & JT the Bigga Figga)
C-Bo Til My Casket Drops
"Professional Ballers"
(featuring Marvaless, Pizzo, Mac Mall, JT the Bigga Figga & Killa Tay)
"JT's Intro"
(featuring JT The Bigga Figga)
Mac Dre Stupid Doo Doo Dumb
"Black N Brown"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & Louie Loc)
17 Reasons
"Northside Soldier"
(featuring Mousie & JT the Bigga Figga)
"Still Representing"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
Lil Ric It's Like Armegeddon
1999 "From da Filty 2 da Shady"
(featuring Da Commissiona, Fleetwood, JT the Bigga Figga & Seff tha Gaffla)
Messy Marv Death on a Bitch
"Ride Tonight"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
Agerman $uccess The Best Revenge
2000 "Save the Drama"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & San Quinn)
Sean T Heated, Held Up (soundtrack) and Can I Shine?
"Nothin' over My G's"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & Killa Tay)
C-Bo Enemy of the State
"Strap Ya Boots"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga, Saves Osos & Young Lee)
Tha Gamblaz Tha Gamblaz
"Federal S**t"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga, Killa Tay & San Quinn)
"4 Da Luv"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
2001 "Fuck The Ice"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
Yukmouth & Tha Gamblaz Block Shit
"End Of Days"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & RBX)
Sleep Dank Murder Book Author
"Held Up"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & San Quinn)
Sean T Can I Shine?
"Ghetto Ballin"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga, Daz Dillinger, Low & Konvict)
Speedy Loc Cali Thuggin
2002 "Get Low Outlawz"
(featuring D-Moe, Double D, JT the Bigga Figga & Telly Mac)
Young Noble Noble Justice
"Pimp Tyte"
(featuring Kazy D & JT the Bigga Figga)
Big Jut Screwed Up Fo Life
"Beware Of Those"
(featuring E-40 & JT the Bigga Figga)
Celly Cel Song'z U Can't Find
"Turf Politics"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga, Levitti & Daz Dillinger)
Messy Marv Turf Politics
"Get Yo $"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
Daz Dillinger Who Ride wit Us: Tha Compalation, Vol. 2
2004 "S.O.Z."
(featuring Snoop Dogg Production by JT the Bigga Figga)
Soz The Initiative
"Puttin Up A Fight"
(Production by JT the Bigga Figga)
Soz The Initiative
"Pushin Weight"
(featuring Keak Da Sneak Production by JT the Bigga Figga)
Soz The Initiative
"Creepin In The Hood"
(Production by JT the Bigga Figga)
Soz The Initiative
"Step Up"
(featuring San Quinn Production by JT the Bigga Figga)
Soz The Initiative
"Cuz We Want To"
(featuring JT The Bigga Figga)
Messy Marv Different Slanguages
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
Game Untold Story
"Neighborhood Supa Starz"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
"When Shit Get Thick"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & Sean T)
"Compton 2 Fillmore"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
2005 "The Streetz of Compton"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
West Coast Resurrection
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & Bluechip)
"Krush Groove"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga, Nina B & Get Low Playaz)
"Rookie Card"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
"Work Hard"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga, Bluechip, Nina B & Get Low Playaz)
"Fuck Wit Me"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
Untold Story, Vol. 2
"Money Over Bitches"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
"Eat Ya Beats Alive"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
"Truth Rap"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
"Drop Ya Thangs"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
"The Game Get Live"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
"Thug Hatin'"
(featuring JT The Bigga Figga, Killa Tay & Rappin' 4-Tay)
Guce Pill Music: The Rico Act, Vol. 1
2006 "Never Personal"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
Game G.A.M.E.
"Get Live"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
"Way Beyond BAYsik"
(featuring JT The Bigga Figga, Tre$Paper & Mike Mar)
Nump The NUMP Yard
2007 "Dangerous Minds"
(featuring Juvenile, JT the Bigga Figga & Skip)
Young Buck They Don't Bother Me
2008 "Black Wall Street/Antonio Montana"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & Ray Luv)
Mac Mall Black Wall Street
"What We Do"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
"We Get Gutta"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga, Telly Mac & Ya Boy)
"Talk About It"
(featuring Mistah F.A.B. & JT the Bigga Figga)
"Why U Still Muggin'"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
"Lock S**t Down"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & Playa P)
"What It Iz"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & Keak da Sneak)
"Keep Ya Head Up"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & Ray Luv)
(featuring jT the Bigga Figga)
"Party People"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & Ray Luv)
2009 "Dem Boyz"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga, Mr. Skrillz & Mr. Skruge)
Messy Marv Slangin' at the Cornerstore
"Work That Thang"
(featuring G-Bundle, JT the Bigga Figga & Mr. Skrillz)
"Code of the Streets"
(featuring The Jacka, Husalah, Mr. Skrillz, JT the Bigga Figga, Gaf Pak, Kard 2 Trust, Scavenger Click & Reek Daddy)
"Ghetto Wishes"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
Northern Cali
"Money Talk"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
"Frisco Legends"
(featuring Black C, JT the Bigga Figga, Cellski, Big Mack & Main-O)
Taydatay Out of Sight on the Grind
"Still Strugglin'"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga)
Seff tha Gaffla Lethal Weapon
2012 "Wit the S***"
(featuring JT the Bigga Figga & Cellski)
E-40 The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 2
2014 "Pocket Watching"
(featuring Figg Panamera)
Migos Single


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