Marcel Wade (born August 26, 1975[2]), better known by his stage name Cellski, and also Young Cellski, 2Took, Break-a-B***h, Big Mafi, Coach Cellichick and Mr. Predictor is an American rapper/records producer from San Francisco.[3] He is also the CEO of his label, Inner City2K Records.

Birth nameMarcel Wade[1]
BornAugust 26, 1975
San Francisco, California
GenresHip hop, west coast hip hop, hyphy, Mobb Music
Occupation(s)Rapper, Hip hop Record producer, CEO
Years active1992-present
LabelsInner City2K Records, Inner City Records, Thizz Nation
Associated actsMaster P, Yukmouth, E-40, RBL Posse, Cougnut, Killa Tay, Luni Coleone, San Quinn, Lil Flip

Early lifeEdit

Cellski grew up on Randolph St. in the Oceanview , locally known as "Lakeview", neighborhood of San Francisco. He cited Too Short as his main influence. When he was 13, the future rapper was taken to Al Eaton's studio where Short was recording his debut best-selling album Life Is...Too Short. Wade first began his career selling tapes from the trunk of his car in 1992.


Studio albumsEdit

  • Mr. Predicter (1995)
  • Canadian Bacon and Hash Browns (1999)[4]
  • Mafia Moves (2001)
  • Mr. Predicter Chapter 2 (2006)
  • Chef Boy Cellski's Culinary Arts Institution (2009)
  • Big Mafi The Don (2011)
  • Chemical Baby (2015)
  • Legendary (2018)

Collaboration albumsEdit

  • Little Big & Big Mafi with Killa Keise (2003)

Compilation albumsEdit

  • The Collection (2000)
  • The Collection Part 2 (2003)


  • Freestyle Mixtape Vol. 1: Me & My Niggs (2001)
  • Freestyle Mixtape Vol. 2: Outta Da Dome (2002)
  • Freestyle Mixtape Vol. 3: Its Not a Game with Killa Keise (2003)
  • Freestyle Mixtape Vol. 5: What Is It, Mayne?! with Killa Keise (2003)
  • Freestyle Mixtape Vol. 6: Stunna-Vision (2004)
  • Freestyle Mixtape Vol. 7: Coach Cellichick (2009)

Extended playsEdit

  • Inner City Life - The Lost EP (1992)
  • Living In the Bay (1992)

Guest appearancesEdit

Year Song Artist(s) Album
1993 "Frisco" I.M.P., Cougnut, C-Fresh, Andre Nickatina, Chewy-C Back In the Days
1996 "Why You Wanna" Primo Stickin' to the Script
"Fo the Real (Intro)" Young Ed Time to Stack
"Come See Me"
1997 "I Spit Game" The Pacific Division, Menace Man, Dino Blaque, Raw Faw, e Sic, E. Caine 187-303 Is the Code
"Free Loaders" The Pacific Division, Hennessey, Regal, Killa Keise, Raw Faw, RJ
1999 "Hard on Hoes" Herm, Ray Luv Trying to Survive in the Ghetto 2000
2001 "Livin' Life" Ballin' A$$ Dame, Luni Coleone Get Rich Quick Schemes
2002 "Thugz Ride" II Sicc, Mr. Kee, Main 1 Talez from the Sicc
2003 "Get Flipped" Laroo T.H.H., Killa Keise, Messy Marv Trash-N-Treasure
"Frisco Legends" Taydatay, Black C, JT the Bigga Figga, Big Mack Out of Sight, On the Grind
"Head" Baldhead Rick Thug Continent
"We Some Playaz"
2004 "Black Mafia Life" Guce, Killa Tay Bullys Wit Fullys 2: Gangsta Without the Rap
2005 "Bounce, Shake, Wiggle" Killa Keise Turfed Out
"Hatin' On Me"
"Lately" Mob Figaz, The Jacka Animal Planet
"21 Gun Salute" King Medallions Jewelry Box Sessions, Pt. 1
2006 "Big Bucks" Tha Gamblaz, Goodfelonz Highly Flammable
"Lookin At Booty" Keak da Sneak Kunta Kinte
"Let Them Have It" Miami Miami and the Nation of Thizzlam
"Boss" San Quinn, Killa Keise 4.5.7. Is the Code, Pt. 3
"We Gone Scrape" Equipto, Shag Nasty Behind the Rhyme
"48 Bars Runnin'" Killa Squad The 5th Element
2007 "Now Ya Know" Cam City, Killa Squad a.k.a. Baby New York
2008 "Look Up" Berner, The Jacka Drought Season
"20 Bricks" (Remix) Laroo T.H.H., B-Legit, Big Rich, The Jacka, Dem Hoodstarz, E-40, Harm, Killa Tay, Eddie P The Cooperation
"SF Anthem" Boo Banga, San Quinn, Black C, All City, Willie Hen All City
"Not Me" The Jacka The Street Album
2009 "So Fly" DJ Kush, The Yayboyz, The Jacka, Trill Real Go Purp, Vol. 2
"Won't Be Right" The Jacka Tear Gas
"Tell Me" Lee Majors Muzik 4 the Mob
"Sheymago" (Remix) Reek Daddy, Mr. Skrillz, Mac Dre, Mistah F.A.B., JT the Bigga Figga, Boss Hogg, J-Diggs, The Jacka, Rydah J Klyde, Lee Majors, San Quinn Sacto 2 Da Crest
"Circles" Berner, The Jacka Drought Season 2
2010 "Cocaine" The Jacka, Lee Majors, Husalah, Messy Marv, Fed-X, Yukmouth, G-Stack, Rahmean The Gobots 2: D-Boy Era
"Seaside" J-Blaze The Great Regression
"Sumthin About Mary" Reggie Swooop, Ruthless Rebel, Elusion Tha Reggie Swooop
"Street Ballin' 2" J-Diggs, Rich the Factor Street Ballin' 2
2011 "Rep That Mob S**t" Messy Marv, The Jacka Paper Bag Money
"Nothin' Like my Squad" AP9 Relentless
"My Money" Joe Blow, The Jacka, Netta Brielle, Lee Majors You Should Be Payin' Me
"Trapped" Lee Majors D-Boy Muzik
"Pies In the Kitchen"
"Let the Song Cry" Joe Blow International Blow: The Fixtape
2012 "They Need That Mob S**t" The Jacka The Verdict
"With the S**t" E-40, JT the Bigga Figga The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 2
"Cookies & Bo" Yukmouth, B-Legit Half Baked
"F*** You Pay Me" Lee Majors, Matt Blaque, Joe Blow What Mobstaz Do
"Get It How U Live" Rhino & B. Street Chemists
"Ridin' Thru the Hood" Joe Blow, Lee Majors Real Recognize Real
"Drugs Guns Funds" Mac Mall, San Quinn DLK Collabs, Vol. 1
2013 "Tweakers" Joe Blow, Husalah, J Blakk Been Grindin'
"Got My Cash On" Lee Majors Turkey Bags In My Louie Duffle
"I Smoke" JC, Berner A Shade of Purp
"Round Tables" Ampichino, Lil Rue, L.I.S., Dreper, Luchi Da Krazies 2: Fear Thy Neighbor
"Code of the Mob" Joe Blow, Husalah, Bo Strangles Check a Real N***a Out Tho
"Runnin' Game" Rhino, TC Kapone The Plug
"I'm On" Dubb 20, Street Knowledge Ya Favorite Number
"Light It Up" Lee Majors, Yukmouth Turkey Bag Boy
"Move Weight" Lee Majors, Lil Rue
"Everybody" ABM, Lee Majors, The Jacka Connected & Respected
"AC/DC" ROC, Lee Majors Rolling Stoned
2014 "Think About It" Joe Blow, Yukmouth, Husalah True Story
"Wrong" A-Wax WaxFase
2015 "On My Grind" Joe Blow, E. Dubb Blow 2
"RIP" Nah'Liyah, Fed-X Check a Real Girl Out Tho & The Realist Out
"Patron" ill Logik, 11/5, E-SIC The Illness
"Chemical Babies" Lil AJ Lash Money
2016 "Passion 4 Guap" Joe Blow M.O.B. 2 (The Real Mob)