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JLA/Cyberforce, was a one-shot comic book published in 2005 by DC Comics and Top Cow Comics.

Cover of JKLA/Cyberforce 1 (2005)Art by Marc Silvestri.
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics, Top Cow
Publication date2005
No. of issues1

JLA/Cyberforce was written by Joe Kelly. Internal art was by Doug Mahnke and Norm Rapmund. The cover was done by Marc Silvestri.

Plot summaryEdit

The story of JLA/Cyberforce revolves around the Cyberforce fighting a hoard of Cyber-Zombies that have invaded Budapest. The zombies invasion soon prompts the attention of the Justice League who arrive to assist and to some extent awe, the Cyberforce. The two teams immediately gel and start working together to prevent the now-evil Ripclaw, a former member of the Cyberforce, and his Cyber-Zombies from obtaining Godtech. Godtech is a material that could make the Cyberforce immortal but it can also be abused to raise the dead. During the battle with Ripclaw, Martian Manhunter is mortally wounded during a moment of distraction. Godtech can revive him, however when the JLA attempt to do just that they must contend with the Cyberforce who want to use the Godtech to save their lost friend Ripclaw. Battle ensues and the Cyberforce find that they are unable to defeat the JLA. All except Velocity who is able to use the Godtech to outrun the Flash and enter the lands of the dead to bring Martian Manhunter back to life. The teams part company amicably after this turn of events.