Jūjō, Tokyo

Jūjō (十条) is a working class district in Kita, Tokyo, Japan. It is about 10 minutes north of Ikebukuro by train. It is serviced by the Saikyo Line via Jūjō Station and the Keihin-Tōhoku Line via Higashi-Jūjō Station. It is particularly well known for the long serpentine shopping arcade known as Jūjō Ginza, very close to the main entrance/exit of Jūjō Station.

Teikyo University Hospital

At first glance Jūjō seems a run-down place but a real sense of community thrives here, evidenced by the large number of traditional shops, small scale public baths (sentō) and enthusiastic festivals.

Coordinates: 35°45′36″N 139°43′19″E / 35.7601°N 139.7220°E / 35.7601; 139.7220