Jünger-Haus Wilflingen

The Jünger-Haus Wilflingen (German for "Jünger's house in Wilflingen", a village near Langenenslingen in Upper Swabia, a region in the German state Baden-Württemberg) was the last home of the German writer Ernst Jünger. After Jünger's death in 1998 it became a memorial place for him. Since its restoration in 2010/2011 it now functions as a museum. During the renovations, the items contained in the house were stored in the Center of Literary Museums in Marbach am Neckar.[1]

Jünger-Haus Wilflingen
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LocationGermany Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates48°08′15″N 9°21′23″E / 48.1375°N 9.3563°E / 48.1375; 9.3563Coordinates: 48°08′15″N 9°21′23″E / 48.1375°N 9.3563°E / 48.1375; 9.3563
Jünger-Haus Wilflingen is located in Germany
Jünger-Haus Wilflingen
Location of Jünger-Haus Wilflingen

Memorial place and museumEdit

The museum has the following sights:

  • Living room and office of the writer
  • Library
  • Collection of beetles
  • A room about the works of Jünger's brother, Friedrich Georg Jünger
  • A general exhibition

The museum contains about sixty thousand objects and over nine thousand books.[2] The house also contains diverse carpets and souvenirs which Jünger brought from his voyages.


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