Järvselja Nature Reserve

Järvselja Nature Reserve is a nature reserve situated in south-eastern Estonia, in Tartu County.

Järvselja Nature Reserve
Järvselja kuningamänd 2013 09 2.jpg
King's Pine in Järvselja
Map showing the location of Järvselja Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Järvselja Nature Reserve
Nearest cityTartu
Coordinates58°16′32″N 27°19′26″E / 58.27556°N 27.32389°E / 58.27556; 27.32389Coordinates: 58°16′32″N 27°19′26″E / 58.27556°N 27.32389°E / 58.27556; 27.32389

The purpose of the nature reserve is to preserve the old-growth forest of the area, consisting mainly of Scots pine trees, including the so-called King's Pine Tree (Estonian: kuningamänd), which is over 360 years old. The nature reserve also functions as an important habitat for several species of birds, including pygmy owl, grey-headed woodpecker and wood grouse. A 5-kilometre trail has been prepared for the convenience of visitors.[1]


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