Iwate Morioka Stadium

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Iwate Morioka Stadium (岩手県営運動公園陸上競技場, Iwate ken'ei Undōkōen rikujō kyōgi-ba) is a multi-use stadium in the city of Morioka, Iwate, Japan.

Iwate Morioka Stadium
Iwate Morioka Stadium is located in Japan
Iwate Morioka Stadium
Iwate Morioka Stadium
Location within Japan
LocationMorioka, Iwate, Japan
Coordinates39°44′19.22″N 141°7′15.16″E / 39.7386722°N 141.1208778°E / 39.7386722; 141.1208778
OwnerIwate Prefecture

The stadium was completed in June 1966 to be a venue for track and field events of the 25th National Sports Festival of Japan held in 1970. It was subsequently used for a number of football and rugby matches until the early 1990s; however, it is no longer used for official J.League games as it does not meet the current specifications.

After 1999, the stadium was refurbished. The stadium holds 30,000 people. It is one of Grulla Morioka's home grounds.

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