Ivan Pavlov (film)

Ivan Pavlov (Russian: Академик Иван Павлов, romanizedAkademik Ivan Pavlov) is a 1949 Soviet biopic directed by Grigori Roshal and starring Aleksandr Borisov, Nina Alisova and Nikolai Plotnikov. The film portrays the life of the Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936), known for his Pavlov's dog experiments. The film was made during the Stalinist era, despite the fact that Pavlov had been a noted opponent of the Soviet regime.[1]

Ivan Pavlov
Ivan Pavlov (film).jpg
Directed byGrigori Roshal
Written byMikhail Papava
StarringAleksandr Borisov
Nina Alisova
Nikolai Plotnikov
Maryana Safonova
Music byDmitri Kabalevsky
CinematographyVyacheslav Gordanov
Yevgeni Kirpichyov
Mikhail Magid
Lev Sokolsky
Edited byValentina Mironova
Distributed bySovexport
Release date
Running time
103 minutes
CountrySoviet Union


The film begins in Ryazan in 1875, and tells about the work of Ivan Pavlov from his first steps in science to sensational discoveries which played a huge role in the development of medicine and psychology.

The young doctor Ivan Pavlov wants to live life "honorably and humanely." The path of the scientist is difficult and thorny. The treasury department does not release funds for research nor give access to animals for experimental use and Pavlov has to buy them on his own savings. The experiments follow one another. Pavlov is pursuing his goal with passion and force. For his work on the physiology of digestion he is awarded the Nobel Prize. Pavlov paves the way for objective studies of brain function in higher animals. Zvantsev, the assistant of Pavlov is an idealist who has become an ideological opponent of the scientist-materialist, implores him not to interfere with the "sanctuary of the spirit", but Pavlov boldly ignores his opponents-obscurantists. The revolutionary 1917 year comes. Pavlov angrily rejects the proposal of an American agent to go abroad; he decides to forever remain with his people in his homeland.



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