Ivan Maryadaraman

Ivan Maryadaraman is a 2015 Indian Malayalam-language comedy-drama film directed by Suresh Divakar starring Dileep, Nikki Galrani, Nagineedu and Kailash[1] with a supporting cast including Anand, Sudheer Sukumaran, Abu Salim, Santhosh Keezhattoor, Vadivukkarasi, Thara Kalyan, Sunil Sukhada, Ponnamma Babu and Saju Navodaya. The film is produced by Anto Joseph under Anto Joseph Film Company and scripted by Udayakrishna-Siby K. Thomas. This movie is a remake from the 2010 Telugu film Maryada Ramanna, which itself is inspired from Buster Keaton's 1923 silent film, Our Hospitality.[2]

Ivan Maryadaraman
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Directed bySuresh Divakar
Screenplay byUdayakrishna-Siby K. Thomas
Story byS. S. Kanchi
Produced byAnto Joseph
Nikki Galrani
CinematographyVijay Ulaganath
Edited byJohnkutty
Music byGopi Sunder
Anto Joseph Film Company
Distributed byAnto Joseph Film Company Release
ACHU & ACHU'S CREATIONS in Australia & New Zealand
Release date
  • 4 April 2015 (2015-04-04)
Running time
165 minutes


The story starts 30 years ago where Puthukottayil Veerabhadran gets a phone call regarding the release of Indrasimhan from jail. Indrasimhan had killed Veerabhadran's father and in order to seek revenge, he goes out to kill him. Meanwhile, Narasimhan, Indrasimhan's elder brother persuades him to kill Veerabhadran as he too murdered Indrasimhan's wife and child. In an ensuing fight between Indrasimhan and Veerabhadran, Indrasimhan is killed and Veerabhadran is left badly injured. On reaching home, Veerabhadran's wife Sumitra is worried as their rivals are out to kill Sumitra and her son. However Veerabhadran dies due to excessive blood loss and his wife takes his son and leaves the village in fear. Afterward, Narasimhan persuades his sons Sooryasimhan and Chandrasimhan to kill Veerabhadran's son on his arrival to their village.

Then the story shifts to Raman, a rice mill factory worker in Pune. He takes goods from factory to other places in his old and damaged bicycle. Out of rage the factory owner rebukes Raman and as a result he is expelled. However in order to continue with his job, Raman decides to buy an Auto Rickshaw to make his job easier. So he decides to go to his village to get money that his parents has invested in his name before their death. He catches a train to Ramapuram, his hometown. In the train he meets Krishnendu, who is Narasimhan's daughter. They become good friends during the journey. After reaching his hometown, he follows Krishnendu to give her book that she had forgotten in the train. He later meets Sooryasimhan who drops him to the post office without knowing his identity. Raman is successful in collecting his money, which he would get that evening. However one of the office staffs informs Sooryasimhan the real identity of Raman. Out of rage, Sooryasimhan returns to post office in search of Raman to kill him but in vain. Afterwards Raman meets Narasimhan and Chandrasimhan in a temple. They respectfully invite him home as a guest. To his surprise he meets Krishna whom he learns is the fiancée of Rajeev, a doctor settled in America. During lunchtime, Sooryasimhan comes with the information that Raman is the son of Veerabhadran who brutally murdered Indrasimhan thirty years earlier. Then Narasimhan and sons wait for a moment to behead him immediately after he steps out of the house as according to their tradition, not even a drop of blood should fall inside the house, if so, the goddess turns out to be evil. Later Raman discovers that the father and sons are waiting to kill him. So he gets used up with their belief and uses several tricks to stay inside the house to keep himself alive.

The next day he had to conditionally honour of the house as everyone had gone to the temple to attend Rajeev's and Krishna's engagement. After locking Sooryasimhan in a room, he leaves the house with extreme courage. But Chandrasimhan and his gang chase him with swords to kill him. He runs as fast as he can and somehow escapes from them. Sooryasimhan breaks the doors and windows and leaves the house.

Meanwhile, Krishna tells Rajeev that she cannot marry him as she is in love with Raman. She thought that her father and brothers chase him due to their love issues. So Rajeev sends Krishna back to Raman. Rajeev tries to console Narasimhan about the love between Raman and Krishna. Unable to control his anger, Narasimhan beats up Rajeev. Later, Raman meets Krishna during his run but soon confronted by Sooryasimhan who is injured badly after his car goes out of control. Raman and Krishna reach a bridge and Krishna tells him that they should elope. It is then she came to know that Raman was feared only due to his nearing death on the basis of Narasimhan's, Sooryasimhan's and Chandrasimhan's revenge. Then Narasimhan and sons came there with their gang to kill Raman. Raman was fearful first but when he came to know that Krishna was in love with him, he decides to sacrifice his fear and mustered up courage. However, to avenge Indrasimhan's death Narasimhan, Sooryasimhan and Chandrasimhan beat him up ruthlessly. When he was about to be beheaded, Krishna jumps onto the river in pain of losing him. Narasimhan and sons felt tensed about Krishna's condition. Raman rescues Krishna and Narasimhan and sons feel happy to have her back. Sooryasimhan and Chandrasimhan decided to kill Raman as they thought that he was the root cause to all the problems. To everyone's surprise Narasimhan blocks his sons from killing Raman as he rescued Krishna while others were fearful to jump from a great height. As a result, Narasimhan and sons forget their past and revenge and Raman and Krishna unite.

In the end credits, Narasimhan's mother persuades his son and him to promise that they will never harm or kill anyone or even touch any harmful weapons. Raman and Krishna are seen going together on a bicycle. [3]



Ivan Maryadaraman released on 4 April 2015. It was an average hit at the box office. But the movie received negative reviews overall. This movie is the remake of 2010 movie Maryada Ramanna which starred Sunil and Saloni Aswani. Nagineedu reprised his role as the main antagonist.


Times of India gave the film a rating of 3/5, stating that "it is one of the oldest plots in tinsel town - a film that banks on love between the younger generations of warring families interspersed with antiquated rituals and their attempts to kill each other. It gives you an eerie feeling of familiarity. However, the scriptwriters here are Udayakrishna and Siby K Thomas, who have managed to churn out profitable flicks by showcasing stupid villains, strained relations and romantic comedies."[4]

The critic at NowRunning gave this film a rating of 2/5 stating "Measure it by any yardstick, and I'd still maintain that 'Ivan Maryadaraman' is certainly not my cup of tea. For that matter, neither is the Telugu original that it blatantly admits to have been inspired from." [5]


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