Ivan's Hundred

Ivan’s Hundred (Russian: Иванское сто) was the first Ruthenian guild, which existed in the 12th-15th centuries in Novgorod.

Ivan’s Hundred was an association of merchants, who gathered around the Church of Ivan the Forerunner (Церковь Ивана Предтечи на Опоках) in Novgorod. The guild consisted of merchants, who traded wax wholesale. The starostas (heads) of the Ivan’s Hundred were permanent members of the Commerce Court of Novgorod and ruling Council of the Novgorod Feudal Republic. They also took part in signing trade agreements. The rights and responsibilities of the members of the Ivan’s Hundred were stated in the so-called Charter (Устав) and Manuscript (Рукописание) of knyaz Vsevolod Mstislavich.