Iuenka was a Prince of Egypt, a man with the title "king's son". He is also called Iunka, Yuwenka, Iun-ka and Iuwenka. He lived in the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt.

Other namesIunka, Iun-ka, Yuwenka, Iuwenka
TitlePrince of Egypt
Parent(s)Prince Khufukhaf I and Princess Nefertkau II
RelativesPharaoh Khufu (grandfather)
Queen Henutsen (grandmother)
Wetka (brother)
Pharaoh Khafre (uncle)


Iuenka was a son of Prince Khufukhaf I and Princess consort Nefertkau II. Thus he was a grandson of Pharaoh Khufu and Queen Henutsen. Iuenka's brother was Wetka and he also had one sister.[1]

Prince Iuenka appears in his parents' double mastaba at Giza where he is depicted offering papyrus to his father. He also appears kneeling. His brother Wetka is also represented there.[2]