Issamar Ginzberg

Issamar Ginzberg is a business strategy and marketing consultant.[1][2][3] He is the founder and CEO of Monetized Intellect Consulting, a business and marketing firm with offices in New York City and Jerusalem. Ginzberg also founded English Speaking Entrepreneurs Israel (ESEI), an organization that assists English-speaking businessmen in adjusting to the Israeli business market.[4][5][6]

Issamar Ginzberg

Ginzberg, a rabbi,[7] has conducted seminars on marketing in the U.S. and Israel,[8][9][10]

He has written for The Jerusalem Post,[11][12][13] Hamodia,[14][15] and The English Update.[16][17] He has written several books, including How Marketers Mess With Your, Marketing Secrets that Are Used to Get Your Attention and How To Use Them To Your Advantage.[18][19] Ginzberg wrote the foreword to Everything You Need to Know About Buying Real Estate in Israel by Shia Getter.[20][21][22][23][24]

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