Isis River (Tasmania)

The Isis River is a minor perennial river located in the Somerset Land District, in the northern region of Tasmania, Australia.[2]

Isis River (Tasmania) is located in Tasmania
Isis River (Tasmania)
Location of the Isis River mouth in Tasmania
RegionMidlands (Tasmania)
Physical characteristics
SourceMount Franklin
 • locationGreat Western Tiers
 • elevation833 m (2,733 ft)
MouthMacquarie River
 • location
north west of Campbell Town
 • coordinates
41°49′4″S 147°14′59″E / 41.81778°S 147.24972°E / -41.81778; 147.24972Coordinates: 41°49′4″S 147°14′59″E / 41.81778°S 147.24972°E / -41.81778; 147.24972
 • elevation
171 m (561 ft)
Length38 km (24 mi)
Basin features
River systemSouth Esk River system

Location and featuresEdit

The river rises below It starts below Mount Franklin in the Great Western Tiers west of Ross and flows generally north by east before reaching its confluence with the Macquarie River northwest of Campbell Town. The river flows through the settlements of Lincoln and Auburn . The river descends 682 metres (2,238 ft) over its 38-kilometre (24 mi) course.[1]

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