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Isham Randolph (December 1684[1] – November 1742),[2] sometimes referred to as Isham Randolph of Dungeness,[3] was the maternal grandfather of United States President Thomas Jefferson. Randolph was a planter, a merchant, a public official, and a shipmaster.[4]

Isham Randolph
BornDecember 1684
DiedNovember 1742 (aged 57)
Jane Lilburne Susan Rogers
(m. 1717; his death 1742)
Children9, including Jane
Parent(s)William Randolph
Mary Isham
RelativesThomas Jefferson (grandson)
Charles Lilburn Lewis (grandson)
James Pleasants (grandson)


Early life and careerEdit

Randolph was born on the Turkey Island plantation in Henrico County, Virginia in December 1684.[5] He was the third son of William Randolph (1650–1711) and Mary Isham (ca. 1659–1735).[6] His father was a colonist, landowner, planter, and merchant who served as the 26th Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses.

Following his father, he was a prominent planter, merchant, public official, and also was a shipmaster.[4]

Personal lifeEdit

In 1717, Randolph married Jane Lilburne Susan Rogers in London[2] at St. Paul's Church in the Shadwell parish (today east London). Isham and Jane Randolph moved to Virginia. Together, they had nine children[nb 1] and was familially connected to many other prominent individuals:

Randolph died in November 1742.[2]


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  1. ^ Robert Isham Randolph, whose grandfather's grandfather was Thomas Randolph, wrote that various sources erroneously treat sons Thomas and Isham as one child named "Thomas Isham". He also noted that some sources list birthdates for the children well after Isham Randolph of Dungeness had died in 1742.[2]


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