Iron Virgin Jun

Iron Virgin Jun (鉄の処女JUN, Tetsu no Shojo JUN) is a Japanese manga series created by Go Nagai. It was adapted into an original video animation (OVA) series.

Iron Virgin Jun
Iron Virgin Jun (1992)(St Comics).jpg
Cover of Iron Virgin Jun (1992 edition)
(Tetsu no Shojo JUN)
Written byGo Nagai
Published byShogakukan
MagazineBig Comic Spirits
Original runMay 15, 1983November 15, 1983
Original video animation
Directed byFumio Maezono
Produced byKenji Nagai
Masato Takami
Satsuki Mizuno
Written byFumio Maezono
Music byKeiju Ishikawa
StudioTriangle Staff
Licensed byMedia Blasters
ReleasedJuly 21, 1992
Runtime46 minutes
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Manga synopsisEdit

Iron Virgin Jun is a bawdy comedy based on the physical prowess of the title character Jun Asuka. Jun, a beautiful maiden with an unusually muscular body and physical strength, is exploited constantly by prestigious family males trying to take Jun's virginity and buy into the Asuka estate.

Part 1Edit

In act 1 Jun meets the innocent and hapless young butler Oonami Kurata (whose name is a pun which roughly translates to “big-wave tanker”) who is surprised to see Jun chained up by her parents and with no freedom. Oonami assists Jun while she is chained so she can pee, and so that she is fed. Soon after Oonami gets bullied by the muscular Mauta Nandou of the scheming Nandou family, a suitor of Jun. Jun unchains herself and reveals her muscular body and beats up Mouta. Her mother is then introduced as a giant ugly ogre-like woman from whom Jun had inherited her strength. She commends Jun's victory but forcefully plots to make Jun meet an even greater family than the Nandous. Disagreeing with her mother, Jun wrestles with her and defeats her by pulling her breasts. She then plans on running away from home with Oonami.

Part 2Edit

Jun's auntie Maki Asuka, an androgynous and suave woman with two tough-looking male butlers, arrives at the family home interrupting her plan of escape. At family dinner, Maki tells Jun of the jungles of the world she has seen which she claims excites women's true passions (images suggesting that she has sex with animals) and all the while Jun's mother and Maki plot to take away Jun's virginity. Maki takes Jun into her own lush estate with its jungle-like garden and ties her and Oonami up, before having a threesome with her two butlers in front of them, describing her addiction to sex in a way to convince Jun to give in her virginity. She and her butlers make an advance on the tied-up Jun before a silly ending sees a masked superhero Tutankhamen with a shotgun save Jun and Oonami. Jun replies by saying “thanks dad,” embarrassing the avenger, who is undoubtedly the father who till now was a sidelined character beneath the mother's authority.

Part 3Edit

Jun and Oonami finally escape and plan to go to Tokyo, Jun leaving her mother with the ultimatum that she will only give her virginity to a man stronger than her and who can subdue her. Jun suggests to Oonami that they no longer speak as mistress and butler but as a simply male and female friend. Trying to avoid the cool areas of Tokyo, Oonami instead takes Jun to his home, only to find Ryo Asuka of the Devilman series waiting there to charm Jun (and himself take her to the adventurous parts of Tokyo making Oonami jealous). At a nightclub called “magic,” Ryo seduces Jun and tells her his nicknames of “Count Dracula” and “Satan” with some idea that he will use her for a sacrifice to Satan. Instead, Ryo meets Akira Fudo, the Devilman, fighting in an alleyway and asks him to incapacitate Jun so he can take her bound to his mansion, which he does. Now taken prisoner, Jun is told by Ryo that their families were two split sides of the Asuka dynasty and that he is from the grandfather and her from the grandmother, who had both separated leaving Ryo's side poor. In a scheming plot, Ryo calls his grandfather into mate with Jun (who looks to his memory like the late grandmother) and thus renew the true Asuka legacy. The grandfather comes in dressed as a satanic goat but stumbles and loses his mask showing his meekness. Drooling over the tied-up Jun he reaches out to molest her but dies on her lap. Ryo relents and is pleased that he died happily and lets Jun go.

Part 4Edit

Jun's mother sends out a warrant and offers millions of yen to anyone who will rape Jun of her virginity, giving descriptions of her and Oonami, who then disguise themselves in sunglasses in public. At a hotel, Jun strips before the blushing and overly subservient Oonami, saying that she ran away with him because she loves him and wants him to take her virginity. Oonami strips and gains the courage to have sex with Jun, the scene showing a metaphorical tidal wave spilling them out of the top floor of the apartment building before they sail away together in the sun, Oonami living up to his namesake of the big-wave tanker.

Anime plot summaryEdit

Part 1Edit

June 18 is destroyed by her mother, who is introduced as a large puumba witch look-alike woman. Her mother frames her up for weddings from her Unnamed bodyguards who are 1st seen as Black skin guard and the two bodyguards, and the Close eye even his Best friend brute, who she later runs away from. She doesn't want to get manipulated by her mom's evil deeds. Akira Tane show up as a slender person who joins Jun's mother. His mother was introduced as a Fat witch look-alike woman. The Brunette Meido appears as a Shy Girl, Jun Asuka's mother motivates Her that She needs Her bartender back to Her races. Kurata Oonami later shows up as a Slender butler. an innocent kind person who doesn't harm Jun. The Waiters confronts Her that She ever betrays Her own races, The 4 kinds of Head Guards was the Swordman, Scytheman, Hulkish Ninja and an Assassin. She tries to surrender but is forced to defeat 50 men. The Waiter chases The Fog and Daiba had been to follows Jun Asuka, Her mother disciples Brown Hair Maid for defeating the 5 Waiters. Maki Asuka later returns with the Asuka tribe, Jun Asuka's mother spanks her because of Mei Asuka. Maki Asuka speaks with Jun and Kurata about her mother and her deeds. After she leaves the fog. Kaidomaru shows up and begins, Kaidō assaults Jun Asuka and Kurata Oonami if She ever puts her Mother at her False front. She blames about Her mother's deeds to Him, He tells Her do not battle Him. She taunts Him and He smiles, He violates Her. Jun Asuka beats down Kaidomaru, who runs away and tackles the 4th wall. After Jun and Kurata retreats her race, Jun's mother gets shocked about Kaido's beat down by the two hands of Jun and Kurata. Jun's mother mourns Mei Asuka that there is no way she can stay away from that, If she didn't take down her daughter. Jun Asuka and Daiba meet all of the Animals in the Fog. The Programmer was seen with Jun's mother and Father meeting the friends of Jun's deaths by the 4 Unknown Forces, She later hires four men to takes down Jun Asuka. Later, They deeds for traveling to Tokyo. However, Jun Asuka is a wanted person as she is now a criminal herself and all of the Thugs begin to destroy her. The Golden Cherry Boys battles Jun Asuka that She betrays her Unnamed mother. Kurata Oonami gets very angry at the Golden Cherry Boys, and they run away. Jun remembers Her grandmother, Mei Asuka's memories that She gives Her a necklace. She tries to forget her bad luck, but She and Kurata attacks and battles the Muscular guy and Spiky hair boy. They all chase Her to the death and the Van Drivers were seen to be raced, They both lets Jun and Kurata but all of the Thugs tortures Both of the Van Drivers. The Truck Driver was about to kidnap Her, but Kurata beats Him down. Jun asuka's mother founds resolutions with Computer Programmer to hires the Soldiers and will join Them alongside with 4 of Them who are not defeated by Jun Asuka. Jun's mother mourns her bodyguards and heads even Kaidōmaru, Jun asuka's unnamed father talks with his unnamed lover about her deeds, Jun's mother cares about destroying Jun Asuka for betraying her Tribes in front of everyone. Jun Asuka and Kurata Oonami are seen in the ending of part 1 and it is 1:00 pm and needs to sleep.

Part 2Edit

Kurata and Jun ask help from His Veteran man and a kid with a Dog who he tamed (the kid looks like tare makimura from Devilman series) The golden cherry boys won't quit to both of them They four needs to imprisoned Jun Asuka for betraying her, Later Jun's mother arrests her, Kurata Oonami never meets Jun Asuka she was arrested by her Mother and her evil deeds, He cannot stay with them because he needs to save Jun Asuka, the goes wild between Her unnamed mother tells Jun Asuka that She frames her up. Jun's mother motivates her deeds that they four take care of her, Now Jun Asuka is nowhere to go away from the golden cherry boys, They four tries to seduces her but breaks her chain up and runs away, the Three of Golden Cherry Boys are after Her but the Red Hair Xenomorph was easily defeated by Jun Asuka's unnamed father. Jun Asuka meets The 2nd awkward Golden cherry boy (the younger cousin of Ryo Asuka) She laters impales The duck by The knight's sword Poor the 2nd Golden cherry boys never abducted her by his Duck power, The 3rd Golden cherry boy is the Midget tries to rapes Her but her unnamed father helps and saves Jun Asuka from him, The Last Golden cherry boy is the muscular tall is trying for bringing Jun back to her palace, Kurata oonami arrives, saves Jun Asuka, and defeats The Final Golden Cherry Boy by his Pink Van that they give them, All of the Golden cherry boys Are now beaten, Kurata and Jun try to escapes but there was a Final boss incoming there Jun's mother (The Large witch look alike woman) was the final rivalry of Jun Asuka. Jun gets mad Her own mother that She ever hires all of the Pervs, she can still continue whatever she wants as Jun Asuka can handles her mother Jun Asuka battles her mother in her Raining Attacks, Her mother assaults Jun Tries to headbutt her own daughter for no respect but Takes down her status who She made, Her mother's lifeless body never Stands Mei asuka's souls possessed Jun's Mother she turned into a zombie form of her which she mauls down Jun Asuka, Her unnamed father never defeats Mei, but only if Mei's soul was defeated Kurata Oonami can only defeats and beats Her grandma's soul and Jun Asuka German suplex her own mother and fires her zombie form, Jun's mother was back as a human form but never stands with her lifeless body, Kurata Oonami and Jun Asuka take a ride with a Pink van and her father taking care of her unnamed mother's lifeless body and that's how Iron virgin Jun ends her days.


Jun Asuka: Voiced by Chisa Yokoyama (Japanese) & Wendee Lee (English) - The Main Protagonist from Iron virgin Girl
Kurata (Daiba) Oonami: Voiced by Daiki Nakamura (Japanese) & Peter Doyle (English) - Kurata " Daiba " Ohnami is the Male Protagonist from Iron Virgin Girl
Kaidomaru: Voiced by Uncredited Cast - Kaidōmaru (Kaidou) is the Minor Antagonist from Iron Virgin Girl

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