Irina Kirichenko

Irina Ivanovna Kirichenko (Russian: Ири́на Ива́новна Кириче́нко; 13 June 1937 – 11 March 2020) was a Soviet sprint cyclist who won two gold, four silver and one bronze medal at the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in 1962–1969. Between 1960 and 1969 she also won 10 national titles. After retirement from competitions she worked as a cycling coach in Kharkiv.[1][2]

Irina Kirichenko
Irina Kirichenko 1967b.jpg
Irina Kirichenko in 1967
Personal information
Born(1937-06-13)13 June 1937
Voroshilovgrad, Ukraine
Died11 March 2020(2020-03-11) (aged 82)


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Irina Kirichenko in 1967