Irène Assiba d'Almeida

Irène Assiba d'Almeida is a Beninese poet, translator and literary scholar. She is Professor of Francophone Studies and French at the University of Arizona.


Irène Assiba d'Almeida was born in Dakar, Senegal to Dahomeyan parents. She was educated in Benin before gaining a BA from the University of Amiens in France, an M.Phil from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. She received her PhD in 1987 from Emory University in the United States. She collaborated with Olga Mahougbe to translate Chinua Achebe's novel Arrow of God into French.[1]

D'Almeida's first book, Francophone African women writers, was welcomed as "quite an event for African, Women's and Francophone Studies".[2] She was the convener of the 2010 African Literature Association Conference, which was held at the University of Arizona. The contributions were published as Eco-imagination: African and diasporan literatures and sustainability (2013).[3]


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