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Iosif Papp-Szilágyi de Illyésfalva (Romanian: Iosif Pop Sliaghi[1] de Illyésfalva; 13 April 1813–5 August 1873) was the Bishop of the Diocese of Oradea Mare of the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church from 1863 to 1872.[2] He participated in the First Vatican Council.[3]

The Right Reverend
Iosif Papp-Szilágyi
Greek-Catholic Bishop of Oradea Mare {Gran Varadino}
Iosif Papp-Szilágyi 1.jpg
Church Romanian Greek-Catholic Church
Installed 1863
Predecessor Vasile Erdeli
Successor Ioan Olteanu
Ordination 27 August 1836
Personal details
Born (1813-04-13)April 13, 1813
Died 5 August 1873(1873-08-05) (aged 60)
Nationality Austro-Hungarian

He was born into the Szilágyi noble family.

Decorations and awardsEdit