Intiö water tower

The Intiö water tower (Finnish: Intiön vesitorni) is an unused water tower in Oulu, Finland. The water tower of the Oulu Waterworks is located in the Intiö district.

Intiö water tower
Intiön vesitorni
Intio water tower 20070929.JPG
General information
TypeWater tower
Architectural styleNordic Classicism
Town or cityOulu
Coordinates65°00′57″N 025°29′46″E / 65.01583°N 25.49611°E / 65.01583; 25.49611Coordinates: 65°00′57″N 025°29′46″E / 65.01583°N 25.49611°E / 65.01583; 25.49611
Construction started1926
Cost1.69 million FIM
Ownerprivate person
Design and construction
ArchitectJ. S. Sirén
Main contractorHeikki Munter

The Intiö water tower was designed by architect J. S. Sirén and completed in 1927. It is the first water tower of the Oulu Waterworks. A water tower in Myllytulli had been built in 1921, but it was only used by the Veljekset Åström leather factory. The water tower is 39 metres (128 ft) tall and capable of holding 600 cubic metres (21,000 cu ft) of water.[1]

The water tower was closed in 1969 when a new water tower was opened in the Puolivälinkangas neighbourhood.[1] The city of Oulu sold the water tower to a private person in 2015.[2]


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