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International Foxhound Association

The International Foxhound Association (IFA) is incorporated in France as a NGO since 2012.[1] The purpose of IFA is the promotion of the English Foxhound as a breed.[2] The members of this association are masters of recognized packs of foxhounds from France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.[3] IFA represents members outside countries with existing Master of Foxhound Associations (MFHA). The director of the MFHA in the UK[4] is committee member of IFA. The association publishes its own studbook of a selected number of the best packs of foxhounds in the World and organizes yearly hound shows at Chateau de Selore in France.[5][6] Baroness Monique de Rothschild, former Patron of IFA, and, Baron von Pfetten, President of IFA published an article in covertside magazine on the "history of the English foxhound".[7]


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