International Federation of Catholic Universities

The International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU) is an organisation of over 200 Catholic universities throughout the world.[citation needed]

International Federation of Catholic Universities
TypeInternational Federation and universities
PurposePromote common research projects amongst Catholic higher education institutions and is to contribute to the progress of knowledge and its applications and to the development of a more just and human world in the light of reason and faith through the ferment of the Gospel.[1]
Headquarters9, 21 Rue d'Assas, 75006 Paris  France
Region served
Secretary General
François Mabille


Founded in 1924.[2] Created by a Papal Decree in 1948 as the Fœderatio Universitatum Catholicarum it became the International Federation of Catholic Universities in 1965.[3] The federation has its origins in collaboration in 1924 between the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and the Catholic university of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. The FIUC facilitates, research, partnership and exchange programmes between catholic institutes of education.[4] The secretariat is in Paris; Institut Catholique de Paris.[citation needed]

Regional groupsEdit

The IFCU is broken up into a number of regions of the world:

List of Secretaries-GeneralEdit

  • François Mabille, November 2019[5]


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