International Carrom Federation

The International Carrom Federation (ICF) is the international governing body for the game of carrom. Such an organisation was first proposed in the 1950s, but the ICF was not formed until October 1988, when delegates from India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Malaysia, Germany and Switzerland met in Madras, India, for the first World Carrom Congress, at which the ICF was formed and an international set of rules was adopted.

International Carrom Federation
FoundedOctober 1988
HeadquartersZürich, Switzerland / 17 Member Nations in May 2022
Josef Meyer

Management Board Edit

The International Carrom Federation (ICF) is an association governed by Swiss law founded in 1988 in Chennai, India.

Currently the head office is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

  1. Elisa Martinelli   Italy
  2. Langley Mathiasz   Sri Lanka
  3. Nazrul Islam   United Kingdom
  4. Murtaza Khan Zulfi   Pakistan
  5. Mouraly Venou   France
  6. Dohun Bae   South Korea
  7. Zunaid Ahmed Palak   Bangladesh
  1. Rohini Mathiasz   Sri Lanka
  2. Atul Behave   United States

Events Edit

  • World Carrom Championship
  • Carrom World Cup
  • ICF Cup

World Carrom Championship Edit

  • 1st World Carrom Championship 1991 - Official Results Here.
  • 2nd World Carrom Championship 1995 - Official Results Here.
  • 3rd World Carrom Championship 2000 - Official Results Here.
  • 4th World Carrom Championship 2004 - Official Results Here.
  • 5th World Carrom Championship 2008 - Official Results Here.
  • 6th World Carrom Championship 2012 - Official Results Here.
  • 7th World Carrom Championship 2016 - Official Results Here.
  • 8th World Carrom Championship 2022 - Official Results Here.

Carrom World Cup Edit

  • 1st Carrom World Cup 2001 - Official results here.
  • 2nd Carrom World Cup 2006 - Official results here.
  • 3rd Carrom World Cup 2010 - Not held.
  • 4th Carrom World Cup 2014 - Official results here.
  • 5th Carrom World Cup 2018 - Official results here.

ICF Cup Edit

  • 1st ICF Cup 1989 - Official results here.
  • 2nd ICF Cup 1993 - Official results here.
  • 3rd ICF Cup 1998 - Official results here.
  • 4th ICF Cup 2003 - Official results here.
  • 5th ICF Cup 2008 - Official results here.
  • 6th ICF Cup 2011 - Official results here.
  • 7th ICF Cup 2015 - Official results here.
  • 8th ICF Cup 2019 - Official results here.

Members of ICF Edit

Regions Edit

As of May 2022, the Federation had 17 member associations.[1] In addition, some continental confederations of national associations have been formed, including the Asian Carrom Confederation.[2] The ICF has authorized the formation of continental confederations for Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas, although not all of these continents have member associations.[3]

Americas (2):

  1.   Canada Carrom Canada CC
  2.   United States US Carrom Association USCA

Asia (8):

  1.   Bangladesh Bangladesh Carrom Federation BCF
  2.   India All India Carrom Federation AICF
  3.   Japan Japan Carrom Federation JCF
  4.   South Korea Korea Carrom Federation KCF
  5.   Malaysia Malaysia
  6.   Maldives Carrom Association of Maldives CAM
  7.   Pakistan Pakistan Carrom Federation PCF
  8.   Sri Lanka Srilankan Carrom Federation

Europe (7):

  1.   Czech Republic Czech Carrom Association CCA
  2.   Germany Deutscher Carrom Verband DCV
  3.   France Carrom Federation Francais CFF
  4.   Italy Federatione Italiana Carrom FIC
  5.   Poland Polish Carrom Association PCA
  6.    Switzerland Swiss Carrom Association SCA
  7.   United Kingdom United Kingdom Carrom Federation UKCF

National Federations Edit

Other associated organisations Edit

These organizations are not official affiliates of the ICF, but use ICF rules.

  • Carrom Ass. of New Zealand
  • Saudi Arabia Carrom Federation
  • United Arab Emirates Carrom Association
  • Bahrain Carrom Association
  • Myanmar Carrom Representative
  • Swedish Carrom Association
  • UK Carrom Club
  • Spanish Carrom Contact

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