International Boxing Federation Muaythai

International Boxing Federation Muaythai (or IBF Muaythai) is commissioned under the jurisdiction of the International Boxing Federation (IBF) as a non-profit organization to regulate, control and supervise professional Muay Thai events worldwide.

International Boxing Federation Muaythai
AbbreviationIBF Muaythai
FormationDecember 21, 2017
Region served
Daryl J. Peoples


The International Boxing Federation had their "1st Annual Convention of IBF Muaythai" in Bangkok, Thailand on 20-21, December 2017, and IBF muaythai was announced its formation on December 21, 2017.[1]

Daryl J. Peoples, IBF president, attended the convention. The new champions of IBF Muay Thai were crowned in 3 weight divisions, Pinklao Bangkoknoivillage at welterweight, Seksan Aor.Kwanmuang at lightweight, Petchaouthong Aor. Kwanmaung at Junior lightweight.

They organized their first fights at the Rajadamnern Stadium during the Stadium's 73rd Anniversary. Saeksan Or Kwanmung and Petchuthong Or Kwanmung were the first champions crowd by the organization.[2]

On April 28 2018, Youssef Boughanem from Belgium and Morocco became the first world champion as non-Thai kickboxer. In addition, he was the current WBC Muaythai world Middleweight champion.

Current championsEdit

IBF Muaythai sanctions 17 weight division as same as boxing.[3] This is different from WBC Muaythai as it sanctions 19 weight divisions.

Weight class: lbs/kg: Champion: Reign began: days Record
Mini flyweight not over 105lbs/47.627kg   Ryuya Eiwasportgym July 18, 2019 863
Junior Flyweight 108lbs/48.988kg   Isantai Sithchefbuntam July 18, 2019 863
Flyweight 112lbs/50.802kg   Issei Ishii June 12, 2019 899
Junior Bantamweight 115lbs/52.163kg   Petchthailand Moopingaroijung November 13, 2019 745
Bantamweight 118lbs/53.523kg   Petchchaolit Sor.Chitpattana June 12, 2019 899
Junior Featherweight 122lbs/55.338kg   Hiro Haga September 23, 2019 796
Featherweight 126lbs/57.152kg   NawaEk Sitchefboontham July 3, 2019 878
Junior lightweight 130lbs/58.967kg   PhetUtong Or.Kwanmuang December 21, 2017 1437 ?
Lightweight 135lbs/61.235kg   Saeksan Or.Kwanmuang December 21, 2017 1437
Junior welterweight 140lbs/63.502kg   Darky Lukmakhamwan February 13, 2018 1383
Welterweight 147lbs/66.678kg Vacant
Junior Middleweight 154lbs/69.853kg   Lek Eiwasportgym February 9, 2020 657
Middleweight 160lbs/72.574kg    Youssef Boughanem April 28, 2018 1309 ?
Super middleweight 168lbs/76.203kg Vacant
Light heavyweight 175lbs/79.378kg Vacant
Cruiserweight 200lbs/90.718kg   Thomas Carpenter December 8, 2018 1085
Heavyweight Over 200lbs/90.718kg   Nick Atkins December 14, 2019 714

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