(IC) is an American 501(c)(3), non-profit organization headquartered in Seattle, Washington. InterConnection was established in 1999 by Charles Brennick. The organization's original focus was on developing and donating websites to non-profits in developing countries. The program soon expanded to include computer donations and technology training. In 2004 the InterConnection Computer Reuse and Learning Center opened in Seattle as a hub to serve both local and international communities.[1]
IndustryTechnology, International Development
FounderCharles Brennick
Headquarters3415 Stone Way N.
Seattle, Washington
United States
Key people
Charles Brennick,
ProductsHigh-Quality, Low-Cost Refurbished Computers
ServicesProject Assistance, Free Web-design Consultation
InterConnection's Computer Reuse and Learning Center


InterConnection's mission is to make information technology accessible to underserved communities around the world. IC is founded on the belief that technology has the power to create opportunity for everyone. It is for this reason IC works diligently in the proliferation of information technology and training.


In pursuance of its Mission InterConnection manages and promotes a number of program activities. The following are four of InterConnection's main program activities:

Equipment collectionEdit

As technology advances many businesses, organizations and individuals find themselves with outdated computer equipment but no way to dispose of it properly. InterConnection's Computer Reuse and Learning Center, in Seattle, Washington, provides a location to properly dispose of old equipment in an environmentally friendly way. InterConnection accepts all computer equipment, regardless of condition. IC manages programs for both computer recycling and computer reuse. In 2007 alone, InterConnection kept 6,000 PCs out of landfills.[2] All donations received by (IC) are guaranteed to be handled appropriately; unusable equipment is recycled, viable equipment is refurbished and reused. This allows individuals, businesses and organizations to address e-waste issues in a simple environmentally friendly way. IC is a 501(c)(3); all donations are tax-deductible and secure. Donors are provided with the necessary tax-deduction documentation.

Refurbished computersEdit

Computers refurbished by InterConnection's low-income volunteers are made available to under served communities around the world for a small sourcing fee. This program not only creates a training environment for local community members it also makes information technology accessible around the globe. InterConnection's refurbished systems create academic, professional and economic opportunity for people throughout the developing world. All of InterConnection's refurbished computers are upgraded and fully tested before shipment. IC also provides order customization at the partners request.

Internet servicesEdit

InterConnection's original purpose was to design and host free websites for small organizations working in the developing world. Now, IC focuses primarily on its refurbished computer and training programs. However, InterConnection still provides organizations with free web-design, web-hosting and free email services. By helping organizations create a web presence, IC is able to improve organizations ability to communicate and connect with like minded groups and individuals around the world.


Computer recipientsEdit

InterConnection has supplied over 25,000 refurbished computers to organizations around the world. The following is information on just a few of InterConnection's computer recipients:

Country Systems Recipients Partner Organization
Chile 4000 Schools Chilenter
Morocco 420 Schools Sefrioui-Badissy Foundation
Iraq 367 Schools Various
Various 225 Microsoft's Community Learning Center's Microsoft
Uruguay 201 Schools Various
Fiji 160 Schools Various
Chile 50 Various Development Groups World Vision
Guinea 20 Various Development Groups Peace Corps Volunteers
Paraguay 20 Various Development Groups Peace Corps Volunteers

Partner organizationsEdit

Organization Location Relationship
InterConnection Paraguay Paraguay Sister Program
InterConnection Uganda Uganda Sister Program
Total Reclaim Seattle, Washington Supplies parts for reuse
Microsoft Seattle, Washington System Contracts, Refurbished Software Licenses
YMCA King County Seattle, Washington Youth Volunteer Program
YouthCare Seattle, Washington Youth Volunteer Program


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