Insulator Museum

The Insulator Museum of the firm NGK Insulators, located in Japan, is the only ceramics museum of porcelain insulators in the world.[1][2] The museum contains some unique items, including a "pin insulator for communication" manufactured in 1875 that is believed to be the oldest domestic Japanese insulator.[citation needed] It has "approximately 5000 pieces of insulators and maintenance tools from 21 countries... and 57 manufacturers."[1] About 300 pieces are on display at any one time.[1] It also has a detailed and informative display on the material, processes and applications.

NGK Insulators itself is a notable company; it is the world's largest manufacturer of electrical porcelain, with a number of plants in different countries.[2] Due to the company's significant production of ceramic items, its annual sales exceed $USD3.5 billion. NGK Insulators has been producing porcelain continuously for nearly 100 years, and, sometime in the mid 1980s, its total output surpassed 150 million porcelain units.


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