Institutional Investor (magazine)

Institutional Investor magazine is a monthly periodical published by Euromoney Institutional Investor. It was founded in 1967 by Gilbert E. Kaplan. A separate international edition of the magazine was established in 1976 for readers in Europe and Asia.[1] Capital Cities Communications purchased the magazine in 1984. The Walt Disney Company bought Capital Cities in 1996 and sold the magazine to Euromoney a year later. Institutional Investor has offices in New York City, London and Hong Kong.[2] In 2018, Institutional Investor became digital only.[3][4]

Institutional Investor
Institutional Investor September 2005.jpg
EditorKip McDaniel
PublisherEuromoney Institutional Investor
Year founded1967
CountryUnited States
Based inNew York City

Sister publicationsEdit

Institutional Investor’s Alpha is a quarterly magazine that focuses on the global hedge fund industry. It was launched in 2003 under the original title, Alpha, to cover the fast-growing hedge fund industry. Throughout the year, the magazine conducts and releases proprietary research and rankings that serve as benchmarks for the hedge fund industry. It was established in 2009, as a successor to the magazine Alpha.[5]

Institutional Investor publishes 11 finance research journals under the brand Institutional Investor Journals. The Journal of Portfolio Management was launched in 1974 by Peter L. Bernstein and is currently edited by Frank J. Fabozzi.[6][7]

Research and rankingsEdit

Institutional Investor publishes global research and issues rankings throughout the year that often serve as industry benchmarks. Top-line results are published in the magazine while the full details are available on[8] The rankings include:

Executive Teams

  • The All-America Executive Team
  • The All-Europe Executive Team
  • The All-Asia Executive Team (excludes Japan)
  • The All-Japan Executive Team
  • The Latin America Executive Team

Research Teams

  • The All-America Research Team
  • The All-Europe Research Team
  • The All-Asia Research Team (excludes Japan)
  • The All-Japan Research Team
  • The All-China Research Team
  • The Latin America Research Team
  • The All-Brazil Research Team
  • The All-India Research Team
  • The All-America Fixed-Income Research Team
  • The All-America Research Team Rising Stars
  • The All-Europe Fixed-Income Research Team
  • America’s Top Corporate Access Providers
  • Asia’s Top Corporate Access Providers
  • The Emerging EMEA Research Team
  • Europe’s Top Corporate Access Providers
  • Japan’s Top Corporate Access Providers


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