Institute of Transportation Engineers

The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is an international educational and scientific association of transportation professionals who are responsible for meeting mobility and safety needs. ITE facilitates the application of technology and scientific principles to research, planning, functional design, implementation, operation, policy development and management for any mode of ground transportation. Through its products and services, ITE promotes professional development of its members, supports and encourages education, stimulates research, develops public awareness programs and serves as a conduit for the exchange of professional information.

Institute of Transportation Engineers
ITE Logo.png
Founded1930; 90 years ago (1930)
TypeEngineering society
FocusImprove mobility and safety for all transportation system users and help build smart and livable communities.[1]
HeadquartersWashington, D.C.
Area served
MethodIndustry standards, publications, conferences
Randy McCourt
Vice President
Alyssa A. Reynolds Rodriguez
Formerly called
Institute of Traffic Engineers


The organization formed in 1930 as public demand for experts alleviating traffic congestion and the frequency of crashes that came from the rapid development of automotive transportation.[2] It formed as the Institute of Traffic Engineers[1] and its first president was Ernest P. Goodrich.[3]

Standards developmentEdit

ITE is also a standards development organization designated by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). One of the current standardization efforts is the advanced transportation controller. ITE is also commonly known for publishing articles about trip generation, parking generation, and parking demand. The most recent publication of ITE on parking generation is the 4th edition of Parking Generation.[4]

Districts, Sections, and ChaptersEdit

Canadian DistrictEdit

The Canadian District of ITE (CITE) has thirteen Sections.[5] In 2009, the Southern Alberta Section (ITESA) voted to create a new Chapter for the City of Lethbridge and the surrounding region.[6] The CITE Sections are:

  • Atlantic Provinces Section
  • BC Interior Section
  • Greater Vancouver Section
  • Hamilton Section
  • Manitoba Section
  • National Capital Section
  • Northern Alberta Section
  • Quebec Section
  • Saskatchewan Section
  • Southern Alberta Section
    • Lethbridge Chapter
  • Southwestern Ontario Section
  • Toronto Section
  • Vancouver Island Section

Florida Puerto Rico DistrictEdit

The Florida Puerto Rico District of ITE (FLPRITE) has two Sections. The Florida Section has six Chapters.[7] The FLPRITE Sections and Chapters are:

  • Florida Section ITE (FSITE)
    • Big Bend Florida Chapter ITE (BBFCITE)
    • ITE Central Florida Chapter (CFITE)
    • First Coast Chapter ITE
    • Gold Coast Chapter of ITE (GCCITE)
    • Southwest Florida Chapter
    • Tampa Bay ITE (TBITE)
  • Puerto Rico Section (PRITE)

Global DistrictEdit

The Global District has two Sections.[8] The Sections are:

  • ITE Australia & New Zealand Section (ITE-ANZ)
  • Global One Section

Great Lakes DistrictEdit

The Great Lake District of ITE (GLDITE) has three Sections.[9] The Ohio Section of ITE also includes a Chapter.[10] The GLDITE Sections and Chapters are:

  • Indiana Section ITE
  • ITE Michigan Section
  • Ohio Section of ITE
    • Lake Erie Chapter

Mid-Colonial DistrictEdit

The ITE Mid-Colonial District has two Sections.[11] The Sections are:

  • Mid-Atlantic Section of ITE (MASITE)
  • Washington, D.C. Section ITE (WDCSITE)

Midwestern DistrictEdit

The ITE Midwestern District (MWITE) has four Sections.[12] The Missouri Valley Section of ITE (MOVITE) has nine Chapters.[13] The MWITE Sections and Chapters are:

  • ITE Illinois Section (ILITE)
  • Missouri Valley Section ITE (MOVITE)
    • Arkansas Chapter of ITE (ARITE)
    • Central Kansas ITE (CKITE)
    • Central Missouri Chapter of ITE (CMITE)
    • Iowa Central Chapter ITE (ICITE)
    • Kansas City Chapter of ITE (KCITE)
    • Lincoln Omaha Council Bluffs Association of Transportation Engineers (LOCATE)
    • Oklahoma Traffic Engineers Association (OTEA)
    • Ozarks Chapter of ITE (OCITE)
    • Transportation Engineering Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (TEAM)
  • North Central Section of ITE (NCITE)
  • ITE Wisconsin Section (ITE Wisconsin)

Mountain DistrictEdit

There are four Sections within the Mountain District ITE.[14] The Intermountain Section of ITE has four Chapters.[15] The Mountain District ITE Sections and Chapters are:

  • Arizona Section ITE (AZite)
  • Colorado-Wyoming Section ITE (COWYite)
  • Intermountain Section of ITE
    • Idaho Chapter
    • Montana Chapter
    • Nevada Chapter of ITE
    • ITE Utah Chapter
  • New Mexico Section (NMite)

Northeastern DistrictEdit

There are three Sections within the ITE Northeastern District.[16] The New England Section of ITE (NEITE) has six Chapters.[8] The ITE Northeastern District Sections and Chapters are:

  • ITE Metropolitan Section of NY/NJ (ITE Met Section)
  • New England Section of ITE (NEITE)
    • Connecticut Chapter of ITE (CT-ITE)
    • Maine Chapter of ITE (Maine ITE)
    • Massachusetts Chapter of ITE (MAITE)
    • New Hampshire Chapter of ITE (NHITE)
    • Rhode Island Chapter of ITE (RIITE)
    • Vermont Chapter of ITE (VT ITE)
  • ITE New York Upstate Section

Southern DistrictEdit

The Southern District of ITE (SDITE) has eight Sections.[17] The SDITE Sections are:

  • Alabama Section of ITE (ALSITE)
  • Deep South ITE (DSITE)
  • Georgia Section of ITE (GAITE)
  • Kentucky Section of ITE (KYSITE)
  • North Carolina Section of ITE (NCSITE)
  • South Carolina Section of ITE (SCSITE)
  • Tennessee Section of ITE (TSITE)
  • Virginia Section of ITE (VASITE)

Texas DistrictEdit

There are six Sections within the Texas District of ITE (TexITE).[18] The TexITE Sections are:

  • Brazos Valley Section of ITE (BVITE)
  • Capital Area Section of ITE (CAS-ITE)
  • TexITE Greater Dallas Section
  • TexITE Greater Fort Worth Section
  • TexITE Greater Houston Section
  • South Texas ITE (STITE)

Western DistrictEdit

The ITE Western District (WesternITE) has eleven Sections.[19] The ITE Alaska Section includes a Chapter for Fairbanks area. The WesternITE Sections and Chapters are:

  • ITE Alaska Section
    • Fairbanks Chapter
  • ITE Central California Section
  • ITE Central Coast Section
  • ITE Hawaii Section
  • Northern California ITE Section (NorCal ITE)
  • Oregon ITE
  • Riverside/San Bernardino Section of ITE (RSBITE)
  • ITE San Diego Section
  • ITE San Francisco Bay Area Section
  • ITE Southern California Section (ITE SoCal)
  • ITE Washington State Section


In 2018, ITE started the ONE ITE initiative to increase consistency, better meet member expectations, attract new members, and effectively support our leaders, volunteers, and members across all levels of ITE.[20] The goals are to:

  • Deliver a consistent member experience – Every ITE member should have a reasonably consistent experience in terms of access to resources, connection to other members, leadership opportunities, fees paid, representation at the District and International level, etc.
  • Provide effective member support – Reducing inconsistency, eliminating bureaucracy, and streamlining operations will enhance the quality of member services and value for membership.
  • Ensure the long-term viability of ITE – ITE must differentiate itself from its competitors and be the association of choice. Having a clear and consistent “brand” is essential.

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