Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies, Rangsit University

Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies, also known as IDIS, is a faculty of Rangsit University, located in Bangkok, Thailand. Established in September 2006, IDIS offers master's program in diplomatic studies.


To meet the challenges of globalization and the increasing demand for world-class professionals in international affairs in Thailand and the Asian region, Dr Arthit Ourairat, President of the Rangsit University, decided in early 2006 to establish an institute in the field of diplomatic studies. The Rangist University Council formally approved its establishment on 22 March 2006 and thus Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (IDIS), came into existence with its multi-disciplinary approach, becoming the first institute of its kind in Southeast Asia.

The establishment of IDIS is an important step in the implementation of Rangsit University’s Road Map to Excellence strategy.


Produce professionals for positions of leadership and influence in foreign affairs and international business.


To prepare specialized professionals for positions of leadership and influence in diplomacy and foreign affairs. Having acquired knowledge and skills from internationalized standard program, the graduates will be able to perform their services professionally.

Philosophy / MottoEdit

Philosophy: Ethical Diplomacy for International Benefits

Motto: ′′To prepare professionals equipped with world class knowledge and skills in diplomacy and foreign affairs′′


The establishment of Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies aspires to:

  • Produce professionals for positions of leadership and influence in diplomacy and international business.
  • Promote international cooperation, in particular among Asian countries.
  • Foster networking among its alumni, professionals and scholars in international affairs.
  • Pursue deep understanding of international issues and concerns through advanced learning and scholarly research.
  • Promote foreign language learning.
  • Provide both academic and practical skills in the field of negotiation techniques, diplomatic practices, rhetoric, media skills for established diplomats and officials at the early to mid-career level.
  • Provide academic and practical skills to business executives in the field of negotiation techniques, international practices and norms in communicating with foreign business, rhetoric, media skills to help bring Thai businesses into international markets.
  • Promote Thailand as a hub of diplomatic and international studies in the Southeast Asian region

Degree OfferedEdit

The Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies offers the Master of Arts Program in Diplomacy and International Studies. The Program takes two academic years for completion. Each academic year will be divided into two semester. The first semester begins in August and ends in December. The second semester runs from January to April.

Core Courses

  • International Security Studies (IDS 601)
  • International Politics (IDS 610)
  • Public International Law (IDS 620)
  • International Organizations and Multilateral Diplomacy (IDS 630)
  • International Economics, Trade and Development (IDS 640)
  • International Business, Finance and Investment (IDS 641)
  • Human Rights and Transnational Social Issues (IDS 650)
  • The Mechanics of Diplomacy and International Negotiation (IDS 660)

Elective Courses

  • Foreign Policy Analysis (IDS 602)
  • Regional Co-operation and Integration; Theory and Practice (IDS 670)
  • Contemporary Political Economy of Southeast Asia (IDS 642)
  • Seminar on NGO’s; Theory and Practice (IDS 690)
  • International Political Economy (IDS 643)
  • Research Design and Methodology (IDS 692)
  • Seminar on Trade and Investment in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (IDS 691)
  • Taxation and International Business (IDS 644)
  • Thai Studies (IDS 681)


Since the founding of the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies in 2006, Dr. Somkiati Ariyapruchya has served as Dean of the institute.

Ambassador Sompong Sanguanbun (Dean)

Associate Professor Dr. Narong Sinsawasdi (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Head of Department)

Mr. Vudhisit Viryasiri (Associate Dean)

Mr. Jiraroj Mamadkul (Assistant Dean)

Faculty and Visiting ProfessorsEdit

  • Dr. Somkiati Ariyapruchya
  • Dr. Darmp Sukontasap
  • Dr. Tanasak Wahawisan
  • Mr. Vudhisit Viryasiri
  • Mr. Jiraroj Mamadkul
  • Dr. Kanyarat Bhantumnavin
  • Dr. Kiatipong Ariyapruchya
  • Mr. Kitti Patpongpibul
  • Dr. Paisan Rupanichkij
  • Dr. Prapat Thepchatree
  • Dr. Somjai Phagaphasvivat
  • Dr. Suchati Chutasmit
  • Dr. Suthiphand Chirathivat
  • Dr. Daniel H. Unger
  • Dr. Visoot Tuvayanond
  • Mr. Wanchai Roujanavong
  • Dr. Narong Sinsawasdi
  • Mr. Larry Jagan
  • Mr. Sahawarat Polahan


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