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Telkom Institute of Technology

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Institut Teknologi Telkom (now : Telkom University) English: Telkom Institute of Technology (IT Telkom, formerly known as Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Telkom or STT Telkom) (1990-2013) was a vocational university specializing in telecommunication engineering. It was established on September 28, 1990 by the Telkom Education Foundation, which is owned by PT Telkom, the semi-privatized government-owned telecommunication company of Indonesia. The school with 480.000 m² area was in Dayeuhkolot, 3 km south of Bandung. In August 2013, the institution was merged with Telkom Education Foundation's 3 other institutions, Telkom Institute of Management, Telkom Politechnics, and Telkom Creative Arts Schools to form Telkom University

Telkom Institute of Technology
Institut Teknologi Telkom
IT Telkom Logo
MottoCenter of Excellence
TypePrivate university
Active1990–2013, following a merger with Telkom Institute of Management, Telkom Politechnics, and Telkom Creative Arts School to form Telkom University
RectorAhmad Tri Hanuranto, Ir., MT

IT Telkom focused on a program to support the development of telecommunication technologies and industries by providing skilled professionals.[1] In its early years of 1991 and 1992, PT Telkom provided scholarship to all students with job contracts at the company after graduation.[2]

In 2005, IT Telkom tied with China's largest telecommunication manufacturer and wireless provider, ZTE, to establish a telecommunication center at the school's campus.[3]



  1. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communications
  2. Faculty of Informatics Engineering
  3. Faculty of Industrial Engineering
  4. Faculty of Science
  5. Faculty of Postgraduate


Laboratories of PPDUEdit

  • Physics Laboratory
  • English Laboratory
  • Mathematic and Statistics Laboratory

Laboratories of the Faculty of Informatics EngineeringEdit

  • Common Laboratory
  • Database Research Laboratory
  • Software Engineering Laboratory
  • Programming Laboratory
  • Teleinformatics and Operating System Laboratory
  • Hardware and Networking Laboratory
  • Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory
  • Multimedia Laboratory
  • Data Mining Center Laboratory
  • Computation Laboratory
  • Formal Language Laboratory - new
  • Open Source Laboratory - new

Laboratories of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and CommunicationsEdit

  • Internet Application Research and Development Laboratory
  • Electrical Circuit Laboratory
  • Basic Electronics Laboratory
  • Digital Technique Laboratory
  • Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Electronics System Design Laboratory
  • Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
  • Control and Adaptor Laboratory
  • Microprocessor Laboratory
  • Communication System Laboratory
  • Electronics Communication Laboratory
  • Mobile Communication Laboratory
  • Microwave and Remote Sensing Laboratory
  • Basic Digital Microwave Laboratory
  • Antenna and Propagation Laboratory
  • Fiber Optic Communication System Laboratory
  • Transmission Channel Laboratory
  • Computer and Communication Laboratory
  • Switching Technique Laboratory
  • Basic Digital Switching Laboratory
  • Integrated Management System Laboratory
  • Access and Networking Laboratory
  • Multimedia Laboratory
  • Data Communication Laboratory
  • Mechatronics Laboratory

Laboratories of the Faculty of Industrial EngineeringEdit

  • Work Design Analysis and Ergonomics Laboratory
  • Industrial Statistics and Operational Research Laboratory
  • Technical Drawing and Studio Design Laboratory
  • Production and Automation Laboratory
  • Business Simulation Laboratory
  • Design of Telecommunication Facilities Laboratory
  • Techno-Economy Laboratory
  • Operating Systems and Computer Networks Laboratory
  • Basic Programming and Database Laboratory
  • Business Process Analysis and Design Laboratory

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