Insar (river)

Insar (Russian: Инса́р, Erzya: Инесаро) is a river in the Mordovian republic of Russia. It is a right tributary of the Alatyr. It is 168 km long, with a drainage basin of 3860 km².[1] The river gets most of its water from melting snow, and hence its discharge is at its highest during the spring thaw. Average discharge at Saransk is 7,71 m³/s. The river freezes over in November, and is icebound until April.

Saransk Insar.jpg
Insar in the city of Saransk, frozen in winter.
Native nameИнсар (Russian)
Physical characteristics
 • coordinates
54°42′53″N 45°18′07″E / 54.71472°N 45.30194°E / 54.71472; 45.30194Coordinates: 54°42′53″N 45°18′07″E / 54.71472°N 45.30194°E / 54.71472; 45.30194
Length168 km (104 mi)
Basin size3,860 km2 (1,490 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionAlatyrSuraVolgaCaspian Sea

Towns by the Insar are Ruzayevka and Saransk.


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