Innerprise Software

Innerprise Software Inc, was a North American video game developer and publisher located in Maryland. The company was founded in 1989 and went out of business in 1992. During the company's existence Innerprise Software managed to publish titles for the Amiga Home Computer and Sega Genesis in North America and Europe.

Innerprise Software
FounderPaul Lombardi,[1] Torben B. Larsen[2]
ProductsVideo game industry
Interactive entertainment

Video gamesEdit

Title Year Platform Region
Nightdawn 1989 Amiga North America
Persian Gulf Inferno 1989 Amiga North America
Battle Squadron 1989 Amiga North America
Plague 1990 Amiga Europe
Globulus 1990 Amiga Europe
Cyberblast 1990 Amiga North America
Battle Squadron 1990 Sega Genesis North America
Turrican 1990 Commodore 64, Amiga North America
Ms. Pac-Man 1991 Sega Genesis North America
Sword of Sodan 1991 Sega Genesis North America
Battle Squadron 1991 Amiga Europe




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