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Initiating Prosperity[1] is a Chinese historical television series based on events in a period in Chinese history known as the Transition from the Sui dynasty to the Tang dynasty. The series was directed by Wang Wenjie and starred Shen Xiaohai, Liu Wenzhi, Zhang Zijian, Sun Feifei and Bao Guo'an. It was first broadcast on television stations in China in 2006.

Initiating Prosperity
Kaichuang Shengshi.jpg
DVD cover art
Also known asKaichuang Shengshi
Xin Sui Tang Fengyun
Traditional開創盛世 / 新隋唐風雲
Simplified开创盛世 / 新隋唐风云
MandarinKāichuàng Shèngshì / Xīn Suí Táng Fēngyún
LiterallyThe Beginning of an Age of Prosperity / New Stories of Sui and Tang
GenreHistorical drama
Written byZhang Huili
Directed byWang Wenjie
Presented byYou Xiaogang
StarringShen Xiaohai
Liu Wenzhi
Zhang Zijian
Sun Feifei
Bao Guo'an
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of episodes48
Producer(s)Bao Haiming
Zhang Huili
Production location(s)China
Running time45 minutes per episode
Production company(s)
  • Shandong Film and Drama Centre
  • Huihuang Shiji Company
First shown in2006



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