Inigo Gallo

Inigo Gallo (2 November 1932 – 15 December 2000) was a Swiss comedian, radio personality, and stage and film actor starring usually in Swiss German language cinema and television and stage productions.

Inigo Gallo
Inigo Gallo November 2000 for EN-WP.jpg
Inigo Gallo in November 2000
Born(1932-11-02)2 November 1932
Died15 December 2000(2000-12-15) (aged 68)
Oberweningen, Canton of Zürich, Switzerland
OccupationComedian, radio personality, stage, television and film actor
Years active1951–2000
Spouse(s)Margrit Rainer
AwardsInigo Gallo#Awards

Life and workEdit

Born in Zürich, Canton of Zürich in Switzerland, Inigo Gallo had as a child actor appearances on Schauspielhaus Zürich, among other things as Walterli in Schiller's Wilhelm Tell. From 1948 to 1951 he was educated at the Bühnenstudio Zürich, and in 1951/52 Gallo got guest engagements at the Schauspielhaus Zürich, and from 1952 to 1958 engagements at the Stadttheater St. Gallen. In 1958 Gallo worked as a freelance director, actor and author, among others at the Stadttheater St. Gallen, Stadttheater Basel and Schauspielhaus: in 1959 as Bunker Willy in Die kleine Niederdorf-Oper and in the musical "Eusi chliini Stadt" at the Theater am Hechtplatz in Zürich. Since then,[1][2] Gallo worked together with Ruedi Walter in a variety of dialect plays and musicals,[3] and with his later second wife and long-year stage partner Margrit Rainer.[4] He directed, among other things his own Swiss German versions of farces like "Hurra, en Bueb!" "D'Mutter wott nur s'Bescht" and "Potz Millione", that became in 1980 a great success, touring with Margrit Rainer, Ruedi Walter, Gallo and Ines Torelli. After the death of Margrit Rainer, Gallo went further on tour with Walter,[1] among others as Chauffeur Johann 'in Charles Lewinsky's production of "Drei Männer im Schnee",[5] and Prof Dr Emil Burgholz in Mary Chase 's adaptation "My Fründ Hanspi" (' 'Harvey' '). From 1972 Gallo also worked with the Bernhard-Theater Zürich in numerous Christmas musicals for children,[1][6] usually under the direction of Jörg Schneider.[7] In 1987 Gallo played Edouard Dindon in the successful Swiss premiere of Jerry Herman's musical "La Cage aux Folles", and has also appeared on Schauspielhaus in the world premiere of Urs Widmer's "Dr neu Noah ", followed by appearances on Atelier-Theater Bern, Sommertheater Winterthur, Bernhard Theater, Städtebundtheater Biel-Solothurn and Theater Fauteuil in Basel. In 2000 he participated in the production of Charles Lewinsky's "Ganz e Feini family" with, next to it in free productions. Since 1954, carried out numerous works for radio, film and television, including the recording of several Dialektschwänke with Gallo himself, Margrit Rainer and Ruedi Walter.[1]

grave of Margrit Rainer, Inigo Gallo and his wife from second marriage, Enzenbühl cemetery, Zürich-Weinegg

Inigo Gallo was buried at Enzenbühl cemetery in Zürich-Weinegg alongside his wife and stage partner Margrit Rainer, and his wife from second marriage.[8]


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