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Ingenio et arti (from Latin: For Science and Art[1]) is a Danish medal awarded to prominent Danish and foreign scientists and artists.[2] The honour, a personal award of the Monarch, was instituted by King Christian VIII in 1841[3] and could be awarded to women as well as men, e.g. to Bertha Wegmann in 1892[4] and Emilie Ulrich in 1917.[5]

Ingenio et arti
Medaille Ingenio et Arti aan vijfhoekig lint.gif
Obverse of the medal
TypeAward medal
Awarded forAwarded to artists (musicians, painters, actors and scientists) who have done extremely noteworthy work.
Country Denmark
Presented byHM The Queen of Denmark
StatusCurrently awarded
Established31 August 1841 (1841-08-31)
First awarded1 December 1841 (1841-12-01)
Last awarded2013 (2013)
Denmark Medal RHkors.png
Ribbon bar of the medal

The medal is awarded irregularly,[1] on average less than twice per year,[3] and was most recently (as of 2013) awarded to Hans Edvard Nørregård-Nielsen, art historian, writer and until 2013, Chairman of the New Carlsberg Foundation.[6] Other recipients include artists Anna Ancher and Bjørn Nørgaard, writer Karen Blixen and ballet dancer Kirsten Simone.[2]


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  • "Denmark". World Orders and Medals (in Danish). Retrieved 5 September 2010. Provides details including pictures of obverse and reverse with ribbon of Ingenio et Arti medals awarded to actress Anna Bloch in 1910, sculptor Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen in 1927 and actress Clara Pontoppidan in 1931. Self-published. Navigation in English.