Inga (film)

Inga is a 1968 Swedish sexploitation film directed by Joseph W. Sarno.[2] Three years later, Sarno also directed the sequel The Seduction of Inga.

Inga (1968) Theatrical Poster.jpg
Original titleJag – en oskuld
Directed byJoseph W. Sarno
Screenplay byJoseph W. Sarno
StarringMarie Liljedahl
Music byBjörn Ulvaeus
CinematographyBruce G. Sparks
Edited byIngemar Ejve
Distributed byCannon Films
Release date
Running time
81 minutes
Box office$1.8 million (US/ Canada rentals)[1]


After her mother dies, Inga is sent to live with her Machiavellian Aunt Greta, who attempts to set her up as the mistress of a wealthy older man in order to pay off debts. The plan backfires when Karl, Greta's young lover, falls in love with Inga and runs away with her.


  • Marie Liljedahl as Inga Frilund
  • Monica Strömmerstedt as Greta Johansson, Inga's aunt
  • Thomas Ungewitter as Einar Nilsson, editor-in-chief
  • Anne-Lise Myhrvold as Dagmar
  • Casten Lassen as Karl Nistad, young writer
  • Else-Marie Brandt as Frida Dagheim, maid
  • Sissi Kaiser as Sigrid Nilsson, feature editor
  • Rose-Marie Nilsson
  • Curt Ericson as Hallstroem, boat salesman (as Kurt Eriksson)
  • Lennart Norbäck as Lothar Bjoerkson
  • Lotta Persson as Uta Dahlberg, judge
  • Anders Beling as Birger
  • Annabel Reis as Olga
  • Ulf Rönnquist as Tor
  • Kitty Kurkinen as Helga Lindqvist, young writer


The Italian Committee for the Theatrical Review of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities did not approve the release of Inga in Italy. The reason for the denial, cited in the official documents, is: the immorality of its characters and the subject, and the numerous dirty scenes considered offensive to decency. Two years later, in 1971, the Movie Reviewing Commission, approved the projection of the movie, but rated it as VM18: not suitable for children under 18. In addition, the Committee imposed the removal of the following scenes: 1) the scene of the ritual of the Virgin (trial); 2) the scene in which Inga masturbates; 3) the scene in which Inga and the young man see each other for the third time and are in bed.[3]


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