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Infratest dimap is a German institute and company from Berlin that offers psephological and political research. It is well known in Germany for publishing the ARD-Deutschlandtrend poll.[1] The poll is released monthly on behalf of public broadcaster ARD.[1] Infratest dimap is also known for extrapolations and projections on election nights in Germany, including federal elections.[1]



The institute was formed in 1996 out of Infratest Burke Berlin, which was founded in 1990 by TNS Infratest, and the Bonn based institute for market and political research, dimap.[1] TNS Infratest holds 74 percent, dimap 26 percent of the shares.[1] It has 25 employees, but for polls and election nights up to 1,200 freelancers are added.[2]

Media and receptionEdit

Infratest dimap cooperates since 1997 with ARD news magazines such as Tagesschau.[3][4] Its polls are well-received throughout German newsmedia.[5][6] Political magazine Cicero criticized Infratest dimap for inaccurate analyses of swing voters and non-voters. It accused the institute of using a "principle McDimap".[4]


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