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Inez Mabel Crawford

Inez Mabel Crawford (August 16, 1869 - February 1938) was the first registrar of the General Edward Hand Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.


Early lifeEdit

Inez Mabel Crawford was born on August 16, 1869, in Ottawa, Kansas, the daughter of Levi Russell Crawford (1834-1897) and Inezette J. Kalloch (1847-1928).[1]


She was the head librarian of the San Mateo City Library for 27 years from 1911 to 1937.[2] She was the first president of Ottawa Federation of Women's Clubs. She was the chairman of the Art Section of the San Mateo Woman's Club.[1]

She was a member of the American Library Association, California Library Association, California Book Plate Society, San Mateo Business and Professional Women's Club[1], San Mateo Historical Society, California Artists' Society.[3]

Daughters of the American RevolutionEdit

She was the first registrar of the General Edward Hand Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.[1]

Her lineage book record 29477 reads: Born in Ottawa, Kansas. Descendant of John Fairbanks, Capt. Samuel Payson, Levi Russell, Alexander Kallock and Lieut. Hatevil Libbey, all of Maine. Daughter of Levi Russell Crawford and Inez J. Kalloch, his wife. Granddaughter of John Crawford and Mahala Russell, his wife; Lermond Kalloch and Sarah Robinson, his wife. Great-granddaughter of Rufus Russell (1786-1819) and Mary Fisher, his wife, m. 1810; Benjamin Kalloch (b. 1785) and Esther Libbey, his first wife, m. 1805; Lewis Robinson and Eunice Fairbanks, his wife. Great-great-granddaughter of Levi Russell and Hannah Simmons, his wife; Alexander Kalloch and Eleanora Gaut, his wife; Nathan Libbey and Elizabeth Lemond, his wife; John Fairbanks and Eunice Payson (b. 1769), his wife. Great-great-great-granddaughter of Hatevil Libbey and Jane Watson, his wife; Samuel Payson and Sarah Noyes, his wife. John Fairbanks served several enlistments as a private in the Massachusetts militia. He was born in Sherburne, Mass., 1760; removed to Union, Maine, before 1805 and died in Hope, Maine. Samuel Payson served at the Lexington Alarm, from Stoughtonham, Mass. In 1779 he removed to Warren, Maine, and died at Hope, Maine. He was born about 1740. Alexander Kallock, (1740- 1826), was lieutenant in Capt. Philip Ulmer's Co., and served in the Penobscot expedition, 1779, from Lincoln county. Hatevil Libbey, (1737- 1820), was among the first officers of Warren, 1775, and also served on the Committee of Safety. Levi Russell, (1752-1834), was placed on the pension roll of Lincoln county, Maine, 1818, for service as private in the Massachusetts Line. He was born in Plymouth, Mass.; died in Waldboro. Me.[4]

Personal lifeEdit

She moved to California in 1908 and lived at 216 Monte Diablo Ave., San Mateo, California.[1]

She died in February 1938 and is buried at Highland Cemetery, Ottawa, Kansas.[2][3]


At her death she left the to the library the Crawford Trust Account that funded an expansion tripling the size of the library.[5]


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