Indravarman III

Indravarman III (Khmer: ឥន្ទ្រវរ្ម័នទី៣), also titled Srindravarman (Khmer: ស្រីន្ទ្រវរ្ម័ន) was a ruler of the Khmer Empire from 1295 to 1308. He rose to power after the abdication of his father in law Jayavarman VIII,[1]: 133  whose eldest daughter, Srindrabhupesvarachuda, he had married.[2]: 211  Indravarman III was a follower of Theravada Buddhism and upon his ascension to power he made it the state religion.

Indravarman III
King of the Khmer Empire
Reign1295 – 1308
PredecessorJayavarman VIII
ReligionTheravada Buddhism

According to legends he was known for his special weapon, a bat made of ironwood.[3]


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Regnal titles
Preceded by King of Cambodia
Succeeded by