Indonesian Army Command and General Staff College

The Indonesian Army Command and General Staff College (Indonesian: Sekolah Staff dan Komando Angkatan Darat abbreviated: Seskoad) at Bandung, West Java, is a graduate school for Indonesian Army and sister-service officers, inter-agency representatives, and international military officers. The college was established in 1951 in order to fulfill the demands for army officers that will pursue their career in being a commander of a unit.[1]

Army Command and General Staff College
Sekolah Staf dan Komando Angkatan Darat
Seskoad logo.png
Country Indonesia
BranchLambang TNI AD.png Indonesian Army
Garrison/HQBandung, West Java
Motto(s)Viyata Vira Jati
Anniversaries17 March
Major General Kurnia Dewantara


The college was established by the Chief of Staff of the Army in 1951. The first commander was Lieutenant Colonel A.Y. Mokoginta. The college was established because there was a shortage of army officers who were capable of command and staff responsibilities like as unit commanders and executive officers. In 1953, the first campus of the college was inaugurated by President Sukarno.[2]