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Indian Joe, (Captain Joe, Old Joe, Jo Indian, Joe Injun, Abenaki translation of Joseph: Susapp[1]) was a Native American scout.

Indian Joe
Bornaround 1739 (1739)
Died1819 (aged 79–80)
Known for"the friendly Indian Guide"



Born near Louisbourg, Nova Scotia of Mi'kmaq origin, he was adopted by Abenaki people, who took him to St. Francis (today's Odanak). He served as a scout under Colonel Jacob Bayley (1726-1815). He was injured in the Rogers' Rangers raid on the village. He eventually moved to the area of Cowass (today's Newbury, Vermont). [1][2]

During the American Revolutionary War, Joe again served under Jacob Bayley and later under Moses Hazen. After the war, he and Molly lived in Danville, Vermont[1] and on an island on what is now called Joe's Pond in Danville.[2] Joe died on Feb. 19, 1819, after he fell and was injured by the severe cold. His burial was paid for by Frye Bayley, and he was given a military style funeral. [1]


Several places are named after Joe and Molly:

  • Joe's Pond between present day Danville and Cabot[2]
  • Joe's Brook, outlet of Joe's Pond[1]
  • Molly's Pond in Cabot[1]

Other tributes:

  • "A Dirge for Jo Indian", composed in 1922, by Eastwood Lane as part of his Adirondack Sketches

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