Indemnity Act, 1977

The Indemnity Act no. 13 of 1977 (Commencement 16 March) of South Africa was enacted in response to the violence by apartheid supporters during the Soweto uprising on 16 June 1976. This uprising was by the black youths of Soweto protesting against the forced Afrikaans medium decree in schools.

Indemnity Act, 1977
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Parliament of South Africa
CitationAct No. 13 of 1977
Enacted byParliament of South Africa
Assented to8 March 1977
Commenced16 March 1977
Status: Spent

With retrospective effect between 16 June 1976 and 16 March 1977, this Act indemnified the government, its officers, and all other persons acting under their authority in respect of acts done, orders given or information provided in good faith for the prevention or suppression of internal disorder, the maintenance or restoration of good order, public safety or essential services, or the preservation of life or property in any part of the Republic.