Incunabula (publisher)

Incunabula is the name of a quality small press based in Seattle, Washington, United States. The company is under the sole proprietorship of Ron Drummond, who serves as publisher, editor, and production manager. The company's distinctive logo, consisting of a photograph of pieces of type arranged in two vertical columns that spell out the company name, was designed by Nick Gregoric from an idea by Drummond. Though the press is often mistakenly referred to as "Incunabula Press", the correct name in fact consists of just the single word.

Incunabula was originally active during the years 1992-1996, during which time it published three books and one broadside: They Fly at Çiron by Samuel R. Delany (July 1993); Antiquities: Seven Stories by John Crowley (October 1993), short-listed for the 1994 World Fantasy Award for Best Collection; "Solutions to Everything" by Michael Ventura (10 September 1994); and Atlantis: Three Tales by Samuel R. Delany (July 1995). Çiron and Antiquities were both published in trade editions of 1,000 copies and limited editions of 77 signed, numbered, hand-bound copies. The Ventura broadside was published in a private edition of approximately 200 copies on the occasion of the marriage of Penny Deerfield and John Vik (about half the copies were distributed as a gift from the bride and groom to their guests); it carries a publisher's acknowledgment explicitly requesting that copies be given and received freely and without the exchange of money. Atlantis was published in a single limited edition of 334 signed, numbered copies; Incunabula also produced a trade edition of Atlantis for Wesleyan University Press.

They Fly at Çiron was designed and composited by Olav Martin Kvern; subsequent Incunabula titles were designed and composited by the multiple award-winning book designer, John D. Berry.

After a long hiatus, the company became active and solicited subscription payments for a museum-quality edition of John Crowley's classic 1981 novel, Little, Big, featuring a thoroughly edited, corrected, and lightly revised text, over 300 reproductions from the art of Peter Milton, and a 10,000-word afterword by Harold Bloom. This edition, originally slated for publication in spring 2007, had not yet been published as of July 2020.

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