In the Chest of a Woman

In the Chest of a Woman is a drama written by Efo Kodjo Mawugbe, a popular Ghanaian playwright.[1][2] It was published in 2008 by Isaac Books & Stationery Services (IBSS) in Kumasi Ghana.[3][4] It is a play in six parts, printed over 106 pages. It focused on women, male-female relationships, and female contributions to society.[5]

In the Chest of a Woman
AuthorEfo Kodjo Mawugbe
PublisherIsaac Books & Stationery services


A play set in the Asante Empire, In the Chest of a Woman is about a woman who disguised her daughter as a boy so that she became the empire's king. The play revolves around the girl's difficulty in life after she grows.


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