In a Bar, Under the Sea

In a Bar, Under the Sea is the second studio album by Belgian rock band Deus. The cover art was designed by guitarist Rudy Trouvé. The original Belgian release was by Bang!, with the only difference that track 14 is simply named "Roses", like the single.

In a Bar, Under the Sea
DEUS - In A Bar, Under The Sea (cover).gif
Studio album by
Released14 September 1996
GenreExperimental rock, art rock, jazz rock
LabelBang!, Island
ProducerEric Drew Feldman
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In a Bar, Under the Sea
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The album was produced by Eric Drew Feldman (who was keyboard and bass player for Captain Beefheart in the late seventies and early eighties) and welcomes guests such as Scott McCloud from Girls Against Boys (on Fell Off the Floor, Man), Dana Colley from Morphine (on Supermarketsong) and Bart Maris from X-Legged Sally (on Nine Threads).

In a Bar, Under the Sea reached Gold in Belgium (selling over 25,000 copies) and sold around 250,000 copies worldwide.[5]

Track listingEdit

1."I Don't Mind What Ever Happens"Stef Kamil Carlens0:46
2."Fell Off the Floor, Man"
  • Tom Barman
  • Jules de Borgher
  • Carlens
  • Rudy Trouvé
  • Craig Ward
3."Opening Night"
  • Barman
  • de Borgher
  • Carlens
  • Ward
  • Klaas Janzoons
4."Theme from Turnpike"Barman5:46
5."Little Arithmetics"
  • Barman
  • Ward
6."Gimme the Heat"
  • Barman
  • Carlens
  • Ward
8."A Shocking Lack Thereof"
  • Barman
  • Carlens
  • Janzoons
  • Ward
  • Barman
  • Carlens
  • Trouvé
10."Memory of a Festival"Barman1:52
11."Guilty Pleasures"
  • Barman
  • de Borgher
  • Carlens
  • Janzoons
  • Ward
12."Nine Threads"Ward3:34
13."Disappointed in the Sun"
  • Barman
  • Piet Jorens
14."For the Roses" (also named "Roses")
  • Barman
  • Carlens
15."Wake Me Up Before I Sleep"Tom Barman2:53
Total length:60:26


  • Stef Kamil Carlens: vocal, guitar, bass, double bass, percussion, claps
  • Tom Barman: vocal, guitar, Hammond, Talkback, samples, percussion, synthesiser, cma^s
  • Jules de Borgher: drums, percussion, bells, claps
  • Craig Ward: vocal, guitar, sax, mandolin, claps, ukulele, slide guitar
  • Klaas Janzoons: vocal, percussion, Talkback, piano, violin, synthesiser, beatbox, claps
  • Rudy Trouvé: vocal, piccolo, harmonica, guitar, ukulele
  • Didier Fontaine: Vocal
  • Scott MCloud: "philosophy"
  • Eric Drew Feldman: Hammond, percussion, egg, piano
  • Pieter Lamot: trombone
  • Ian Humphries: violin
  • Charles Mutter: violin
  • Nic Pendlebury: viola
  • Deirdre Cooper: cello
  • Dana Colley: saxophones
  • Vincienne: claps
  • Jim Brumby: claps, rate and depth
  • Piet Jorens: piano, gong
  • Bart Maris: trumpet


  • "Theme from Turnpike" (June 1996)- #68 UK
  • "Little Arithmetics" (October 1996)- #44 UK
  • "For the Roses" (December 1996)- #56 UK
  • "Fell Off the Floor, Man" - Belgian only single (June 1997)

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