InMediaRes Productions

InMediaRes Productions, LLC is an American game company that produces role-playing games and game supplements.

InMediaRes Productions, LLC
IndustryElectronic publishing
Role-playing games
FounderLoren L. Coleman
Heather Coleman
Randall N. Bills
Tara Bills
Philip DeLuca
SubsidiariesCatalyst Game Labs
Websitedefunct, formerly at the Wayback Machine (archived 5 February 2012)


In 2003, Loren L. Coleman created the company InMediaRes Productions, which he founded with Heather Coleman, Randall Bills, Tara Bills, and Philip DeLuca.[1]: 433  InMediaRes received their licence for the electronic publication of Classic Battletech fiction from WizKids in the fall of 2003.[1]: 433  They made an announcement that year at GenCon 36 and had their full website,, ready to go a year later in August 2004.[1]: 433  InMediaRes kicked things off with the fiction of founders Bills and Coleman, and from there, month-by-month they continued with their electronic delivery model.[1]: 433  InMediaRes announced their plans to create a similar "Holostreets" web site for Shadowrun fiction in 2005 but have not done so.[1]: 434  Some of the fiction from the BattleCorps website has made it to print as Battletech Corps Vol. 1: The Corps (2008) and Battletech Corps Vol. 2: First Strike (2010) – following some changes to InMediaRes' licence in 2007 and 2008.[1]: 434 

In 2007, Rob Boyle and Bills tried to buy FanPro LLC from Fantasy Productions, and when that did not work out WizKids stepped in to mediate; although they were not willing to let Boyle and Bills create a new company, they were willing to give the Battletech and Shadowrun licenses to InMediaRes.[1]: 435  After acquiring the rights to both FASA games, InMediaRes took on Boyle and Bills as regular staff – which had been part of the agreement with WizKids.[1]: 435  Boyle remained as the Shadowrun Line Editor for the next few years, while Bills became a Managing Director of InMediaRes.[1]: 435  InMediaRes created a subsidiary to hold their new gaming rights: Catalyst Game Labs.[1]: 435  InMediaRes placed a higher value on electronic material, and in 2007 started charging for Catalyst's Shadowrun releases.[1]: 436 

Company informationEdit

InMediaRes Productions was founded in 2003 by Loren and Heather Coleman, Tara and Randall N. Bills[2] and Philip DeLuca with the express purpose of licensing the rights to publish new, canon Classic BattleTech fiction to the Internet from WizKids.[3] Wizkids granted this license to IMR in the fall of 2003, which directly led to the creation of BattleCorps in August 2004.[4] In 2005, IMR announced its intentions to branch out into Shadowrun fiction and established Holostreets with the intention of doing for Shadowrun what had been done for BattleTech.[5] IMR hopes to have Holostreets up and running by 2008.[6]

On April 20, 2007, IMR announced that it was in negotiations with WizKids and FanPro to acquire the licenses for Classic BattleTech and Shadowrun, as FanPro's licenses were set to expire.[7] On May 17, 2007, IMR announced the creation of Catalyst Game Labs in preparation for the acquisition of the licenses.[8] As of mid-2007, Catalyst began releasing new sourcebooks for both lines.

Heather Coleman serves as IMR's executive manager, while Loren is the submissions editor for BattleCorps.


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