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Coordinates: 45°31′00″N 148°53′20″E / 45.516667°N 148.888889°E / 45.516667; 148.888889

Ilya Muromets (Илья Муромец), named after the East Slavic folk hero, is a very steep vertical waterfall on the Bear's Peninsula of Iturup, one of the Kuril Islands. The water stream falls abruptly from the eastern slope of the Demon Volcano into the Pacific Ocean. With a height of 141 meters, it is one of the highest waterfalls in the Russian Far East.[2] Ilya Muromets is rarely seen by tourists, however, because it can be accessed only by boat.[3]

Ilya Muromets Waterfall
LocationIturup Island (Kuril Islands)
TypeHorsetail ribbon
Elevation± 0 feet
Total height459 feet (141 meters)
Number of drops1?
Watercourseunnamed creek
World height ranking≥652[1]


External image
  Ilya Muromets Waterfall
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