Saint Illidius (French: Saint Allyre, Alyre;[1] died 385) was a 4th-century bishop of Clermont, France.[2] To Illidius is attributed the rise of Clermont-Ferrand as a center of religious teaching and culture.[3] According to tradition, he cured the daughter of the Roman Emperor Magnus Maximus at Trier.[3]

Saint Illidius
Cl-FD Saint-Eutrope Saint-Alyre.jpg
Stained glass depiction of Illidius. Église Saint-Eutrope, Clermont-Ferrand.
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Major shrineAbbaye Saint Allyre, near Clermont
FeastJuly 7; June 5 (locally at Clermont-Ferrand)

Gregory of Tours mentions Illidius in his work.[3] The fountain of St. Allyre at Clermont is known for its petrifying water, caused by calcareous deposits.


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